Customize Feedburner Chicklet Feed Count Text

customize feedburner chicklet countA blog's success lies in the quality of its content and fellowship which is also termed as readership. The more subscribers you have the more you groom as an authority and trustful resource for knowledge amongst your visitors. Blog subscribers are the integral part of your online career. You are being judged by the number of readers you have. A good subscription box boosts the Feed count and results in reader growth similar effect is applied by that little dynamic Feedburner xml button i.e Chicklets . By default the chicklet displays number of subscribers as "**** readers"  The feed count is followed by the text "readers" amazingly with a little code you can change the appearance of this graphic text. You can turn readers into fans or followers. Follow up:


Change Feedburner Chicklets Count

Your feedburner feed count button has a code similar to this:

<a href=""><img
width="88" style="border:0" alt="" src=";fg=666&amp;anim=1" height="26"/></a>


The first URL is your RSS Feeds link and the second one (bolded one) is the URL of of that graphics button. You just need to add this code -> &label=readers after the bolded URL. See below,

<a href=""><img
width="88" style="border:0" alt="" src=";fg=666&amp;anim=1&label=readers" height="26"/></a>


Replace the word readers with anything you want. For example you can choose Fans, Followers etc as shown below,

Default: Readers

feedburner readers


feedburner fans


feedburner followers

Choose a word that is equal to or less than 7 characters. Do not choose a long word as they will not fit in the button. Though you can edit the width but that will damage the look of the chicklet. Hope this little trick proves helpful to most of you. You are most welcomed to ask for any help if needed.

You can also create a completely custom feedburner chicklet button by reading this post:

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