Create & Design Custom Tabs on Facebook - Series Tutorial

Facebook Custom TAB DesignYou have seen my Fans Welcome Page on Facebook which was created using Static HTML IFrame Tabs and I promised that a series guide will be published and several layout designs will be availed for free very soon. I guess the time has come to share some of the most enjoying web designing tutorials with you all. You will find a lot of difference and unique new ideas in the posts to come. We wont use the Static FBML app to create custom page tabs because Facebook has turned off new installs of the static FBML app which once was widely used. Neither will I use the Static HTML IFrame Tabs Tool applications which provides you with a Source Editor and does not support custom tab icon. My First design was based on it but the new template designs will be based solely on Woobox's IFRAMEHOST app tool which is the best I could find. There are some reasons why this app is so important which are discussed below,

PS: If you find today's info a bit complicated then you don't need to worry as it is only for your extra understanding else you can skip it if you want and start creating and designing your Tab Page directly once I publish them.

Advantages of Woobox's Custom Facebook Page Tab App

It includes the following great features,

1)     WYSIWYG HTML Editor

This is the only reason why this app won my vote. It provides you with a user friendly editor just like your Blogger Editor where you can easily apply font styles, colors, change font size and background colours, add hyperlinks, align texts, add images and what not.

2)     Custom Tab Icons

You can add your blog logo or product logo next to your tab and don't need to use those dull grey icons of IFRAME apps found in tons on Facebook Apps page.

3)    Full HTML Content and Facebook Plugins Support

The best thing about it is not only that it allows you to use your custom HTML, CSS and JavaScript but you can easily integrate Facebook plugins like Like button, Like box, Send button and Facebook comment box inside your Tab Page. The problem with other apps is that they are not compatible with Facebook Plugins and you need to try several long cuts to make things done.

4)    Image hosting

You can upload your images directly from your editor without needing any account on an image hosting site. Woobox does that for you for free.

5)  Supports SSL/HTTPS

If your visitors are using SSL/HTTPS, your Custom Tab will still be shown and will use HTTPS. This will increase the pageviews of your Like Page

6)   Totally Free & No Branding

Yes there will be no ads attached! No service links, banners, icons, no nothing.


I am sure with all these features anyone would enjoy creating a landing page for their website on Facebook. You can even create a complete website on Facebook with navigation and the only thing you would need is a free template design to help you to give a start to your imagination. Make sure you don't miss any part of the tutorial and subscribe now in oder to be informed via Email whenever a new tutorial part is published.

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Any Suggestion?

We would highly appreciate If you want to share any idea or suggest on any thing before we start the series guide. If you have any question in mind that is troubling you then feel free to start the warm tea discussion in the comments below

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