Add Twitter To Google Plus: Send & Receive Tweets

google+ twitterYour Twitter Feeds can easily be integrated into your Google Plus Dashboard. You now don't need to take the hassle of logging into your twitter account because now your friend tweets will be served live on your Google+ homepage. This little integration app is brought to you  by mytweetplace and this application works with all major browsers like IE, Mozilla and Chrome. Once you install this application a small twitter button will appear next to your home and photos button at your Google+ dashboard. On clicking the twitter button you can then read your real-time tweets. Not just that you can post tweets, see what's hot on twitter, check inbox and a lot more. You will have complete control over your twitter account.

Install Twitter Application for Google+

  1. Click here to install the twitter app
  2. Once installed, restart your browser and log into your Google Plus account
  3. At the top you will see a twitter button. Click it and click the Sign in button so that you could permit the application to access your twitter feed.
     4.   Once you allow the access you can then revisit your account to post, read and receive tweets live as shown below,
twitter in google+
If you wish to customize your dashboard then read this post:

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  1. it doesnt work... how do I remove it now ??

  2. Hi! great article... In case you can help, I have a blog published in, and I am trying to find out how to have my blog's posts sent automatically to google+ (as I do with Twitter and FB)... any hint?

  3. I'm interested in auto-posting my Twitter posts to Google +, i.e., I wish to do all my work on Twitter but wish to see those posts appear on Google +. Can you help?

  4. Looking for the same thing.. there has to be a way to post your existing (new) twitter feeds to Google +

  5. interesting article, i will try, hope still working

  6. You can also use this PHP Twitter to Google Plus crossposting script:
    All is done without Google API, OAuth, tokens or any other annoying products. There is no need to install any specific browser. The status can be updated automatically by putting the script to cron.

  7. HI! Why is Firefox preventing me installing the software? this is probably the stupidest question you've ever gotten.. Newbie here. I'm still asking it tho.

  8. Unfortunatelly doesn't work for me. Neither on Chrome version 16.0.912.63, nor on ChromePlus version /-:

  9. its doesnt work. how do i uninstall it ?

  10. Doesn't work for me either. To uninstall, go to your extensions tab,

    Spanner icon (top right)>> options>> extensions
    find the google+tweet extension, then click uninstall.

  11. It worked the first time but not any more. It gets installed as an extension but the Twitter Icon doesn't appear on Google+ to sign in to TWITTER. It looks like GOOGLE+ is blocking TWITTER though a similar extension for Facebook is working well. Also wonder if there is a clash with other extensions. Any update is much appreciated

  12. Thanks for sharing, very useful for me..

  13. is there an application for facebook?

  14. I added this to G+ but it doesn't let me do what I want to do. NOW I want to uninstall and can't figure out how. HELP!! I have three pages associated with my personal G+ and only one twitter feed is associated. This doesn't help me.

  15. @Dee Reinhardt


    I added it to my G+, and tried it out. It sent the tweet to Twitter and Facebook, but it never showed up on my G+. Looks as though Google is blocking it.

    Anyway, if you're running Firefox, up in the left hand corner, orange "Firefox" tab, click it. The click "Add Ons" with the blue puzzle piece. A new tab should open. Look on the left side for "Extensions", click it, and it will show what extensions are added, including the G+Tweet. Over to the right, click "Remove", then restart your browser. I just did it with Firefox 12.0, and it worked fine, G+Tweet is gone from my G+

    Hope that helped.

  16. How can a blogger connect their Blogger platform to Google Plus business page. Also there was an error when I tried to install the twitter application.

  17. To uninstall it, uninstall that plugin from your browser. You will find it in plugin or extension.