Optimize Blog Post Titles Using H2 Tag - Increase Traffic

Update: This post is out-dated, instead kindly read Part 2 of this Tutorial

OPTIMIZE-POST-TITLESHeadline tags start from H1 and go up to H6 in decreasing order of size. They play immense importance in your blog template optimization. Just as I earlier explained that a search engine robot reads your content just the way a human reads it. Headlines, bolded and highlighted texts draw attention. By default all blogger templates are designed such that the H1 tag is given to Homepage Main Title, H2 is given to Blog Description or Header dates, sidebar headers and H3 is assigned for post titles. Whilst the fact is that your Post titles are second most important part of your blog after the main title. Sidebar titles and Post description are peanuts in comparison to your post titles.

Its your post titles that ping search engines on an update and are indexed and crawled by search engine robots. In SEO the post title is referred as the KING whiles post content is referred as the QUEEN. So if the king is treated with H3 tag instead of H2 tag then I guess you must re-plan your Traffic campaign.

Changing Post Tiles Heading Tags In Blogger

To change post titles default H3 tag to H2 heading Tag then follow the steps below,

  1. Go To Blogger> Design > Edit HTML
  2. Backup your template
  3. Search for .post h3
  4. and replace it with .post h2  (keep replacing that for all occurrences of .post h2)
  5. Then search for,


and replace it with this,



    6.  Save your template and Congratulations for the smart change! :>


In my next post I will discuss what heading tags you should use for headlines that you use inside the post body. I am sure this change will bring a positive change in your web Traffic inshAllah. Peace! :>

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  1. Yes, superb technique. Although I knew about the importance about h2 headings, i never thought that you can change post titles to h2.thanks for informing....

  2. @Amit M B

    Yes, I too enjoyed this article. Testing the reply button.

  3. @Amit

    The sooner you know the better it always is. You are always welcomed pal.

    I surely respect the suggestion brother and indeed programming has its own fun and web designing on the other hand is all different in its own right. I have not yet started using HTML5 though use CSS3 seldomly.
    For those news tags that you mentioned and those useful compressing techniques, I would highly appreciate a guest post from you. Waiting for you kind kind reply :>

    PS:I would love to know valuable readers like you by name. :>

  4. Mohd,

    Friend, it is against my company's contract to disclose my name, but I would love to write a guest post for your blog. I will soon send you an email with some helpful videos, explanations, and further w3school links for MBT readers.

  5. @Anonymous

    Oh sure no problem. I do respect that and I will be eagerly waiting for your email friend. =)

    Its ok. Just find the second code.

  6. Yup I already have that data title in h2 tag :)

  7. Hello..and thnx for you help.
    i can't find the code you mention above ???

  8. @sam

    glad it is. :>


    Kindly find the second code mentioned in the tutorial. Type either <h3> or </h3>

  9. The first post has been sent. BTW, my name in the email is Anims101.

  10. @Ziad
    Did you check the "Expand Widget Templates" Box ?
    Check it and then search for this <h3 and replace it with <h2
    Then search for this </h3> and replace it with this </h2>

  11. Finley i fund that code and now its have been changed , the prob was i forgot to check the expand button as usual :)

    i really appreciate your work and you help thnx .

  12. @Zaid

    Anytime pal. I am happy it worked for you. :>

  13. Hi Mohammad I apply h1 tag to all my post but not on my homepage it doesn't exist could you help me on this could you give some advise. My blog is http://tipsandtricksblogger.com. Thank you

  14. hey where is it i cant find them(.post h3) on my blog http://useful-toall.blogspot.com/

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Thanks for the SEO tip..
    And, I've one question,, "What if I give my post titles H1 tag?"
    It'll get more importance right..??


  17. thanks for the tip but i couldnt find the second code on my blog
    's template, please what do i do? www.trueinternetworld.com

  18. I want to use h2 tags on blogger homepage and h1 tag on blogger item post. looks like mashable and techcrunch. how to do that

  19. @Nalaka Prasad

    Thats against SEO rules. H1 is a reserved tag for main Blog Title followed by H2 for post titles and h3 for sidebars.

    MAshable uses the format I discussed in this comment. Hope this clarifies buddy.

  20. checkout my testing blog. I got Mashable, Techcrunch [SEO] post title and Header title structure.(This is testing blog and not clear css)

    I think my SEO post title structure better than your structure. try this, it will not break any SEO rules.now this structure use Lots of Popular Sites(techhamlet.com,mashable..etc)we can do this on blogger

    Follow this link: http://binorati.blogspot.com/

  21. Can we change blogger default widget title tag([h2])?

    I want to replace [h2] to [h4]. I know we can do this manually but I want to do this automatically

  22. Mohammad thanks for nice info.
    can i change blog description to h4 and post description to h3.
    one another question.
    how can i make a word in post description as h2 through html coding

    thanks in advance.

  23. Why not the h1 tag? All WordPress blogs use h1 tags for post title. Waiting for your reply.

  24. i couldnt find the code on my blog ...how to replace them??

  25. please help me I can't even find the code .post h3 on my html

  26. Dear i am check the code but i did not find the h3 my template has already h2 tag is that ok or need to change some thing more?

  27. is it okay in my template using h2 no other than?

  28. hi,

    in my blog its already there
    h2 data:title h2 by default

    I saw another suggestion here

    shall i change h3.post-title to h2.post-title?? if so what about this code

    h3 class='post-title entry-title' itemprop='name'

    shall I change it here also?

  29. Man everywhere the same answer about H tags but i cant find the code in the new blogger design. and where i can find you post about how we should use the iner heading in the post

  30. update

    In new blogger templates search for h3 and keep replacing it with h2 as many times as you find it. The new templates are diffreently coded so just note down this update. :)

    You are right it is h3.post-title instead of .post h3 in new blogger templates. :)


    Buddy please read this: 6 ways to Change headline style in blogger :>

  31. While Changing the post.h3 tags to h2 . Should we also convert all the h2 tags to h3 .. (Like sidebar title, blog description etc.)

  32. And One more thing I forgot to ask.. Can we use h1 in both Post title and blog title ? Is it can cause a problem ?

  33. Hello Mohammad,
    I used to add h1 titles in my post by adding html code and change the size to normal. So its that bad?

  34. @rounak
    Even if your sidebar titles are in h2, it doesn't conflict alot because Google only indexes your sitemap which contains post body section only so sidebars don't interfere a lot. Sidebars are indexed at homepage mostly.

    H1 is only for blog title. should never be added to post title.

    Buddy H1 is often taken for granted by Blog main title. Both social media networks and search engines consider that to be blog title only. However in WP post titles often have a h1 tag because the header includes a background image instead of a text-title.

    I would recommend to stick to h2 for post titles and h1 for blog title in blogger.

  35. At present i am using alt text and title generator for my images.
    But my question is i want to remove special characters from the title. can you provide me a script that removes special characters from the post tile and replaces with spaces.

  36. I can not find : .post h3 PLEASE HELP My Blog: designer4arab.blogspot.com

  37. AOA! Bro i have already <h2><data:title/></h2>.. Do i have to do something else?


  38. Sir Iam a new blogger my website www.itph.in i dint undersatand my h1 and h2 tags will you please tell me how can is add tags to my blog

  39. I have changed it to H2. I have had a great effect on SERP. Can I change it to H1, and shall I face any problem?

  40. Can I use H1 for Post Title in post page and H2 in Home page?

  41. Can I use H1 for Post Title in post page and H2 in Home page? Is wrong ?

    I have h1 in title post but in hompeage many h1.

  42. Thanks for this article! lot's of things to learn in seo :)

  43. Hi bro, i am looking for this kind
    > add h1 tag for full post title and h2 tag for excerpt post title
    but the one you posted the code which put h2 tag for all excerpt post title and full post title ,

    adding more than one h1 tag for a single page is not good

    please help if you have any idea thank you

  44. I have read : Congratulations you smart angel. :> That put a smile on my face, but thanks for useful information.

  45. Is indexing tag create nay problem to the blog

  46. This is the most confusing part of Blogger SEO. Some SEO experts suggest to use h1 tag, while some suggest h2 for post titles. I have checked in many blogs about this trick, but all of them suggest two fold ways - h1 or h2. Now, can you please give me proper explanation as to why different blogger suggests different methods?

    1. Follow authorities like MOZ and similar sites buddy. In wordpress the leaidng frameworks like thesis and gensis use the exact same method that i shared above. H1 for post title on post page.