Download 25 Free PayPal Donate Buttons!

free Paypal ButtonsAdding a PayPal donate button has become a formality now for all webmasters. I have shared a tutorial earlier on how to add a PayPal Donate button to your Blogger Blogs and now its time to replace the default PayPal donate button with a stunning and eye catching one. I hope you will like the collection below which is gathered from different sources and is not the property of MBT Blog. They are shared only for non-commercial purposes.



Those of you who don't have a windows live ID can download it from here,

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service_paypal_add paypal-icon3
paypal-icon5 paypal-icon4
Paypal-icon1 paypal-icon
paypal333 Paypal-64
paypal33 paypal22
paypal2 paypal_straight
paypal1 paypal_curved_32px
grey_paypal_stamp Honeycomb-Paypal-64
paypal3 credit_card_paypal

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  1. Awesome Paypal Button Mustafa! i like to add paypal button in my blog. I read that post. But, i have new look in paypal. Unable to see like in post. Now how to add donate paypal button in my blog?


  2. @hari

    You are welcomed buddy. Kindly search for this in your paypal code:

    and replace it with the image link of your slected paypal button.

    Make sure you click the Expand Widget Templates" Box

    Hope this helps. :>

  3. There is no donate option in my paypal account. What should I do?