Disadvantages of Pinging Servers With Windows Live Writer

PINGING-wlwWindows Live writer offers an option where you can ping social networks and search engines whenever you publish a new post. Pinging is not a bad thing unless you do it frequently like 3-4 times a day. According to some previously asked questions WLW team has confirmed that the Ping function if turned on can put unnecessary burden on the servers that can cause you getting banned by search engines, blog directories and social networks. This can badly effect your search engine listings and social network repo if you are requesting an update request frequently from different traffic sources may that be search engines or social media networks. However if you want a special attention of search engines and blog directories for a selected post then you can do that by temporarily activating your Ping function as follows:

How to Ping Servers in Windows Live Writer?

Go To WLW Options menu and select Ping Servers as shown below,

ping servers

Check the box and paste the following pinging URLs inside the big box,


The above URLs will ping technorati, google blog search, Feedburner, Feedster and most importantly pingomatic which will update dozens of directories about your latest blog update.

Please use this utility carefully and ping all these services only when you think that your post is not indexed or needs special attention. You can do this for unique posts 3-4 times a week but not daily. But don't be too afraid of using this tool, I use it too but when I need to. Stay safe and have fun. Peace and blessings. :)

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  1. I haven't used it yet =D neither i have any plan, and yes pinging can cause load!