AdSense Strict Program Policy On Misuse of IFramed Ads

adsense policy changeJust today an hour ago at Jun 10 11:55AM, the Google Adsense Program Policy Team expressed their serious concerns on the use of IFramed Ads by web owners. They also have made some changes to their program policy and I would suggest that you kindly read the new terms and conditions to keep yourself updated. Adsense marked the HTML tag iframe almost unacceptal without legal  approval from Google. They also prohibited altering the behavior, targeting, or appearance of AdSense ads without explicit approval from Adsense.

This is what Adsense Program Policy mentioned at Inside AdSense Google Group today:

Improperly iframed ads are a disservice to our advertisers since the ad
itself can be obscured. Not only are they not viewable, these
implementations can lead to accidental clicks if these hidden ads are
placed in a location that users frequently click. Please see below for
an example of a partially hidden banner.
Hidden iframed ads is one form of misuse. The other is cross-domain
iframing abuse. Cross-domain iframes are used to frame content from a
different site. This type of implementation can allow other sites to
frame ads that belong to another site without the publisher’s knowledge.
As a result, we’ve modified our Ad Behavior policy to the following:
AdSense code may not be altered, nor may the standard behavior,
targeting or delivery of ads be manipulated in any way that is not
explicitly permitted by Google. This includes but is not limited to the
following: clicking Google ads may not result in a new browser window
being launched, nor may Google ads be placed in an IFRAME.
We’re aware of certain ad implementations that require the valid use of
iframes. As per our program policies, exceptions to our policies are
permitted only with authorization from Google.
With our updated language, our goal is to be more proactive about
enforcing the misuse of iframes. Iframing is not only deceptive when
improperly implemented, but it often leads to unintended behavioral
outcomes that result in policy violations, such as the double-serving
of ads. As our program policies also note, we reserve the right to
disable ad serving to sites and/or accounts that fail to comply with
these policies without permission from Google. To best adhere to our
policies and experience better targeting results, we recommend pasting
our ad code directly into the source of your web page HTML.


I request new bloggers to kindly be very careful on reading tutorials where AdSense Ad Customization is discussed. The best is that you avoid all such tricks and tutorials where AdSense Ads are personalized to suit your blog template using CSS, HTML or any other web technology. Customize your AdSense ads at AdSense Ad setup page only or in the AdSense Widget available on your Blogger Page elements.

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  1. Does that mean we can't even use normal HTML Tags like center tag, etc...???

  2. @Felix

    Luckily by default Blogger doesn't support iframes. It is a tag that opens a new window just like a webpage. All tutorials that I have published so far are in accordance with Adsense's policy and you can still use them happily. Only avoid those tutorials you find on internet that tells you how to add adsense ads to a pop up.
    and you are always welcomed brother. :>

    Buddy center and align tags can still be used. No problem with them but do not use any external CSS to style the background of adsense ads. There are still some well versed bloggers that publish tutorials on but they themselves have customized their ads and a background image appears behind those ads. I can surely not name anyone here. But if they continue it, the chances are that they will loose their Adsense account.
    All MBT tutorials on adsense can still be used tension free as I always keep a good watch on TOC. Hope this helps bhavesh. :)

  3. If this is going to stay like this then I think Adsense should come out with more variety for displaying ads. Obviously that iframe stuff is bad. Should be something like in the adsense page we can have atleast adjusting the height and width of the unit to fit our taste or something like that.

  4. @Sam
    Why would one need to adjust the size of ads when the Ad spot sizes are always fixed buddy? I personally thing Adsense has provided the best ad customization options, we just need to place them at right spots with right colours. That's it.

  5. No. I am taking about text ads and not banner ads. I don't know if you remember my very old template or not. It had too many issues for alignment etc and it was of fixed width so even a default link unit was not fitting properly. So if someone has such issues then it will be helpful for them. I am assuming that text ads do not have fixed ad spot sizes. Do they??