Top Ten Things I Hate About Blogger

BloggerMore than a year ago when I started to blog, I hardly found out any other blogging platform then blogger. It was easy to use one could create a blog in about ten or fifteen minutes. Today after working on wordpress and blogger I have realized the pros and cons of both. Following are the ten things I hate about blogger.

1- You Can Not Import Data from Other Blogging Platforms

blogger-to-wordpressBlogger does not allow you to import data from any other blogging platforms like yahoo360, wordpress etc. So you can not switch from other platforms to blogger.
PS: There are applications using which you can import Blogger python scripts to any service you want but that is really time consuming unless a more user friendly way is provided by blogger.

2- Poor SEO

images1In blogger there is no place to add tags to your content while in wordpress you can add relevant tags by which people may search your content.
Adding tags separately deprecates the idea of adding more and more keywords in your content and the blogger can write quality content without having a concern about SEO.

3- Unprofessional Look

BlogSpot blogs look very unprofessional. Wordpress blogs no doubt look a lot more professional and attractive. Moreover I get irritated by with unprofessional widgets on the blog like fish tank.

4- Less Range Of Templates


Blogger templates are not available in a wide variety whereas other blogging platforms provide a huge amount of templates. Take an example of wordpress, has a huge amount of templates and all of them are available for free.

5- Irritating Navigation Bar on Top

The blogger Navigation bar on top of blogger blogs looks very unprofessional and irritating. You can remove the Nav bar but many of the people don’t know how to do that.

6- Commenting Back Is Very Typical

blogger comment formCommenting back is really typical. First you choose from a list how you want to comment back, sign-in and then enter the captcha. This is very time consuming. I realize that link love and spamming have become very common but facing such hardships while commenting back stops people from commenting often and draws a line between the author and the reader.

7- Less Range Of Widgets

Blogger Widgets are fewer than those of wordpress. Moreover wordpress has a single site where you can find all of its plugins whereas you have to search different websites for blogger plugins. Currently there are more than 14475 wordpress plugins available on their site.

8- Blogger Uses HTML and XML

Blogger uses HTML and XML for development excluding JavaScript while wordpress uses HTML, PHP. PHP today is according to me the most powerful programming language in the world because of being open source. Most of the web-development is being done on either PHP or ASP.
You can easily find the difference between a blogger blog and a wordpress blog. Thanks to PHP, wordpress blogs are clean and attractive and give a professional look.

9- Problems While Uploading Data

blogger upload error

Sometimes unusual errors are shown while uploading images, videos or even a complete blog post and some times maintenance is going on in blogger. This wastes the precious time of the bloggers.

10- Poor Customer Service

It is really difficult to get a solution to a problem from Google employees unless you Google it for hours whilst there are hundreds of developers working day and night to make Wordpress a better platform and their always present when asked for any technical help. 

Will That Make Blogger The Worst?

Of Course not! Blogger still is the best choice for people who wish to give a free start to blogging. The vast advantages of Blogger can be read here Blogger VS Wordpress Comparison Chart. A good news for bloggers using BlogSpot is that this year they are planning to make a change and bring advancements to the blogger blogs. As you might have seen the mobile-templates has been launched. So keep your fingers crossed and wait for the upcoming advancements.
Fahad Uddin

About the Guest Author:
Fahad is an Undergraduate Student, pursuing his B.E Degree in Computer and Information System Engineering. He is an excellent programmer and part time blogger. He Writes at My C Snippets. You can always contact him at Facebook

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  1. First of all there are 9 points instead of ten, And secondly almost all of the things you described above can be tweaked easily, So I don't think that these might be good reasons to hate blogger.

  2. Rafay I updated the post. It was a mistake on my part. Forgot to publish the last point. :>
    Though I would agree that with current Blogger features, problem are faced but of course there are external solutions to every problem and with so many tutorials published on blogger, no one really wants anything from blogger team itself. :p

  3. i love blogger but i want only templates which is big problem in blogger

  4. @Rafay: Of-course, any skilled or professional blogger can tweet those things but still it lacks some features like AbdulSalam mentioned,you cant get beautiful templates in blogger.
    @Abdulsalam:I totally agree with you :)
    @Digital Bunch ~ SEO Tips:Yes they can be modified using simple tricks as I mentioned in the post but why would anyone tweet so many things if he can get a better blogging experience at wordpress or joomla?

  5. I terms of SEO, blogger is even close to WordPress, but Blogger is not bad either. After all blogger is where most start their blogging career. Most tech blogs including Mashable started with WordPress. Its worth because its risk free. Unlike Wordpress you don't need to have your own hosting to rest your blogging skills. So I'd recommend blogspot for any one starting his first blog.

  6. all things have its advantages and disadvantages ;)

  7. MOhammad, Assalamu'alaikum!
    Wow, you're back again, with tons of posts! :D I sometimes a bit jealous with wordpress users, as they can enjoy many kinds of "facilities" I can not get from Blogger. Lots of plugins have been created and developed for wordpress, while Blogger is clearly poor of such things. I was a wordpress user. about 7 months ago I moved to Blogger. However, I love Blogger. though it only uses HTML and XML, and some javascripts, I can easily apply unlimited hacks, try this and that, I don't have to buy my own domain or upgrade my blog to be allowed doing hacks. While free wordpress is now very2 strict. I should say, the only thing someone can do with free wordpress blog is make posts, and nothing else. I love PHP, as I was a wordpress user. But now, as I use Blogger, I find it enjoyable to learn and play simple HTML and CSS tricks, without having to worry about Blogger will ban my blog or my account. Dealing with SEO, Blogger is not that poor, since the last 2 or 3 months, my blog's traffic has increased for about 200%, well, yes, Google Panda has had its role, of course, but I find that playing keywords and getting backlinks are still very useful, and I don't use any SEO plugins/scripts. Organic SEO efforts may be the best ways to increase Blogger SEO and SERPS. :D

  8. @Tips-Tricks Blogger | Buka(n) Rahasia Lagi

    Greetings to you brother. Oh we surely love blogger after all. With so many free options Blogger has reshaped the way publishing is done online. I am glad you found it useful during all your online experience and I 100% share the same insights with you. More luck to you. :>

  9. Hi, I share a controversial opinion here. While registering my own domain name with a very long tail keyword, and using wordpress, I am able to currently place on the top 10, within 3-5 days, with maybe 3-4 posts. As for using the free Blogger platform with very long tail keywords, and even 12 posts, (yes all original content) I cannot place anywhere closer then 14th-20th page of google. It seems to me like blogspot's Seo is based on backlinks mainly. As for wordpress, it is content based. Not to debate which is better as we both know content is king and backlinks are queen, but out of the BOX, wordpress performs better. The main advantage I found for Blogger blogspot is that it lets you put adsense and affiliate programs for free and you get to keep the revenue.

  10. Blogger is working on making it like others but if blogger reaches level 5 wordpress is on 7. I love blogger but i would love it more if it is like wordpress.

  11. remove the 2nd option as blogger introduced search preferences option :)