How To track Downloads On your Website?

Track Donwloads in Blogger Probably we all love to know how many times a file on our website is downloaded. You can observe that I track all my downloads whether its templates, icons, buttons or any other blogger resource. This helps me know how popular that particular file is. Many questioned us about the script we use to track our files and today we would share every detail on how we actually track downloads on Blogger.



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How To Track Downloads in Blogger?

I use Dstats service for tracking number of downloads. The method is simple. There are two steps which are,

Inside your posts simply paste the code below. Replace  PASTE-FILE-LINK-HERE with the link of your file you want readers to download. And replace Image URL OF Download Button with the Image Link of your Download button.

<a href=""><img src="Image URL OF Download Button" border="0"/></a>

<p>Downloads:<a href=''></a>
<script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>
<script type='text/javascript'>document.write(dsCounter);</script></p>


Grab these Download Buttons.

You can use the following Download buttons from dryicons Simply right click an image and select “Copy Image Location” and this will give you the Image URL for the button.

download_buttons1 download_buttons4
download_buttons2 download_buttons5
download_buttons3 download_buttons6


Once you are done, publish your post and see a beautiful Download button with an auto download tracker hanging inside your post. Enjoy! :)

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  1. Hi...
    I am waiting for your SEO articles...:)

    I will not be able to use this because my books even goes to google groups and google groups do not support images... :(

  2. Nice article ! Can you share tips how to track pageviews on Blogspot ? It's useful ! Thanks ( Sorry for my bad english )

  3. @iTechPlus
    That's what I was going to ask as well..

    But I am first eagerly waiting for SEO articles as those are much more important for me..

  4. @Sam

    In that case you just need to replace PASTE-FILE-LINK-HERE with your google group link. simple. And I will publish the SEO articles within two days.

    Well Blogger has already added a stats option on your dashboard which gives a comprehensive analysis of your blog's statistics. Kindly check it out.

    Thank y0u buddy :)

  5. Hey Mohd, nice one, I gues you are planning for some big post where you will be tracking downloads.

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  7. @Mohammad
    No no didn't get it buddy..
    There is a feature in blogger that whenever I add a new post in blogger a copy of that post goes to google groups...
    Even hyperlinks with anchor text is not displayed in google groups..

    I am waiting for SEO...:)

  8. @Sreejesh

    Well actually big Downloads! :) And Where are you lost man?


    Oh I see and dude don't worry I will publish the posts soon.

  9. @Nishad

    I believe you are using Blogger editor? If yes then then you will have to delete the space by pressing the backspace key.

    1. hey how are you can you plz tell me how you make this blogger comment like this

  10. Hello Mohammad,

    Can you please suggest me a way where i can replace text "Downloads" text with an image and how downloads stats can be made appearing on the image.

    Thanks in advance....

  11. Nice explanation thing i will ask you!!!! how much resolution you will put for images in the blog posts. they are really attractive.

    Can u tell me please ????

  12. I put to my blog and it works very well, but there is a problem sometimes the, not working I would like to ask whether there is a script for this job without an intermediary like another website.

    Thank you

  13. pls Mustafa make a video of this trick if you do i will pay you in paypal or credit card

  14. Hii can u tell me how paste this code or where paste you say in this paste this link in your post but i use compose not html

  15. hello Muhammad, where do i paste the code given above.In blogger posts there is two options "COMPOSE & HTML".In which option will i paste this code.can you specify the place where this code to be pasted?

  16. Brother I want to Track The No.of Downloads On My Mp3 files.
    I read your post bt since m confuse yr.
    Can u plz What to Do .