How to Customize Layout of Facebook Profile Page?

new-facebook-layoutFacebook is the next giant after Google in every aspect. As the site’s popularity keeps on increasing so do new ways of making perfect use of this Mega Giant social media network. Facebook’s new layout/look has annoyed many users and some users including me still prefers the old layout. The Facebook team recently announced that the new Profile page Layout can not be changed and this is how every user profile will look like. That’s surely a sad news but no worries any longer because there is one thing really exciting about this new layout and that is the horizontal photo Tag stream. Using this photo stream combined with your Profile Picture you can create your own personalized layouts, all different, attractive and simply Cool!



This is how a normal Facebook Layout looks like,

facebook-profile page


and this is how I changed mine,



There are many online tools that lets you create images of required sizes that may fit into your profile page but I tested all and none could give a quality output so I rather used Photoshop and created them myself. Though it requires one to have some basic knowledge of Photoshop. I will write a detailed post on how to create your own personalized Facebook Layouts using Photoshop but first I want to know how much curious you are to know it? Tell me if you would love a detailed post on how to customize the Facebook profile page using Photoshop? Bloggers using Facebook should surely give a personal touch to their fan pages and profile pages because readers love it! :)

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  1. good evening
    i have seen your fb page and i reached at this result that it just a tricky thing u just use a long image as your profile image and uploaded image with title of your blog :D
    but its a good trick.
    There is lots of article on changing the layouts of fb pages but no one is give me full satisfaction and now i gave up.
    but someone surely like it .
    good night to you and your family.

  2. Hello Mohammad,
    please give in detail idea of facebook profile page?
    and brother i have one question that should i create a seperate profile for my blog i.e. Cafe Guitar or just a fan page?
    please help me.
    thank you.

  3. @anjani

    Yeh you are right but giving up is not what you should do mate :) Try try till you make it. make this the spirit!

    @Jeet Dholakia

    Yes a separate profile for your blog will keep your social life away from readers. Its the best thing to do. Even I am thinking to create one.

  4. @Jeet Dholakia: maybe its can be help you
    sorry if spam my friend Mohammed...hihihi piss

  5. My dear Mohammad ,
    you are simply the best !!! i am waiting for this post of yours ,infact it will not be wrong if i say that your all posts are very good and blessing on bloggers like me :))
    god bless you

  6. @Mohammad
    When I was too thinking to make a separate profile for my site and when I tried to register, facebook do not allow me to register with the name of my site (Plenty of Ebooks)...

    So how do we make a separate profile for our site when the don't allow such names...???

  7. @Priyanka

    You take my word sis. Post will be written now! Thanks for the respect always.. :>

    The name of my profile is and I never encountered a problem. Try changing the letters. May be the name is already registered or reserved.

  8. Do it Do it Do it!!!!

    I also tested some sites that provide that option, but didn't liked the outcome.

    Will wait for your tutorial ;)

  9. mohammad ....thanks bro ....i am waiting for this post eagerly ...god bless you always !!!!

  10. @Whatever **** *** ****...
    You cannot use such a language here..

    What is your problem???

  11. @Dav7
    I will dude InshAllah

    Always welcomed :)

    Its common Sam. Not all people love the way you work. Life has both colours but the colour that matters is the one that reflects you eyes with love!

  12. i am waiting ....for this post