Surprisingly MBT Blessed With Page-Rank 3.0!!

Google PageRank-3 Never thought 2010 could be such a blessing in my life! Just within 10 months of its release, MBT has amazingly being blessed with a Google Page Rank 3, which is a measure of a web’s importance in the eyes of the Mega Search Engine i.e Google. Luckily not just the MBT homepage but a lot of internal pages have got PR-2-3!


I am extremely thankful to all my readers for their continuous love, support and dearest motivation. Verily I could not have achieved this without the active participation of our readers because half the credit goes to you guys for gifting MBT with precious content everyday with your lovely and relevant comments. It was also indeed your trust on us that EntreCard restored our account and appreciated MBT’s EntreCard-Buckets Service.

Thumbs up to MBT and thumbs up to all of you for believing and trusting in the Moto of publishing unique content on Blogosphere. I thank Allah and then every single visitor, follower and subscriber without whom this day’s success indeed would have no taste and flavour. God bless you all!

Today’s Lesson:- Be Unique in everything that you do for success itself is coloured uniqely and when success knocks your doors it really feels mind blowing! :D

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  1. Congratulations Mohammad

    My Blog Page Rank is also increased from 0 to 2 in only 1 1/2 month my blog got PR 2.

    Many sites Page rank has increased like Facebook from 9 to 10,
    Orkut from 7 to 8,etc

    I have a question i have registered a domain 2 months before but in that blog i have no content and it also has got the Page Rank 2
    Can This Be Possible?

  2. I already congrats you in your previous post Mohammad. Congrats again :)

    Before few days, I shifted my bog domain to

    Is this reason to Google drop my PR to 0? Before, my pragerank was 1. What should I do to get back my pagerank?


  3. Assalamualaikum,
    My first comment for you Mustafa, but i dont have the right to comment on that thing which i dont know, So chill up and always be unique as you say and congrats on your newly achievement..

    Best of luck buddy!

  4. Congrats pal.. I'm following your lane ... started

    Does comments increase page rank??

    check this guys site. he have over 1000 commets in one post....

  5. I am glad for you! Also I received Rank 1 for my site these days!!! I had another site, I could have pagerank 3 now, but it is ok this way too...

  6. @Poras

    Pleasure Poras and Congrats to you too!! The true celebration goes to Facebook by no doubt. They deserve it!

    Yeh a vacant website can even have PR-6. For example if I abandon and then immediately someone else buys it, the PR will remain intact for as long as backlinks point to that URL. Getting me?? May be the URL that you are using is previously used by someone else and then due to some reasons the owner might have stopped using it. You then register for it and now you are blessed with a free gift of PR-2 :p

    Thanks again pal! I have already given my humble regards on that comment along with a solution to your problem :)

    W.Salam young boy! Pleaure to have received your comment. Thanks a lot for your sincere remarks! And yes you have the right to comment on anything if it is a cute one like the one you just left! :P


    Thanks bro!
    Well comments do not increase page rank but increase the rich keyword density of the page. Thus making a page more important in the eyes of search engines and this brings good traffic in return.
    Each good word that users leave will help to rank you higher in search engine listing.

    @Lucky Flaush
    Congrats to you too Lucky. I wish you may have PR-5-6 in days to come. :>

  7. Mohammad :D

    I must say that I was not surprised to read of your success! It is surely a moment of great happiness. You must be really proud as we are. It must definitely be a busy time for you but I am sure you must be enjoying the whole thing!
    Wish you all the best in your future career and life.
    Congrats again!
    Best Regards :>

  8. I don't think it's "surprisingly" in the least! You do such a wonderful job, and being very new to all this (so I am not sure I count for much lol), you were, and still are, such a big help to me! When I am lost in a problem, I know exactly where to go to be found:) I appreciate all your hard work and effort! Thank you, take care everyone, and have a great night! Congrats!!

  9. Assalamualaikum,
    congratulation on your achivement, nice blog and interesting articles to read on. Me too got PR4 for my blog in this April review.

  10. wow...its a good news...

  11. @Black Market @PumpkinButtKitty

    I am thanking both of you together because the only thing that gives me peace of mind is when such generous and motivating comments come from beautiful souls like you. Don't have any words to thank you except that your words will always remain the reason of success for me no matter where ever I go. God bless both of you and wishing you a thousands times better success. Peace be on your souls! :>>

    Thanks bro and Mubarak on your PR. Wishing you even better!!

    Appreciated that. thanks pal!

  12. This shows your hard work and efforts Mustafa.You have excellent content and this blog totally deserves it.
    Keep the good work going.
    Congrats Mustafa

    Best of Luck !

  13. Congrats to you Mustafa, your the best designer and unique blogger! I am an avid reader and downloader of some useful softwares and icons from your blog..Hehe, Thank for those useful resources!

    Fortunately my blog also become PR 4 from N/A for one month only. Can we have a link exchange? I have a good proposal for you for the improvement of your blog.

  14. @anonymous

    Thanks a bunch for your generous comment brother. Would have thanked properly if I Knew your name.

    @cebu Seo

    I am lucky to have motivating readers like you. Thanks for everything.
    Congrats a million times to your for PR-4. I can understand your happiness. I am honoured for the link exchange but I already have 47 links from PR-4 and PR-5 blogs to my service EntreCard buckets. The spot on homepage is reserved for friends who really and actually helped me in my blogging career. I hope you understand my point. Thanks again for that lovely offer. :>>

  15. I understand your point Mustafa. Anyways thank you for your reply.

  16. This is something really good. Hoping for more success in future.

  17. what an ACHIEVEMENT dude! can't have been more proud of you!!!!

  18. @bilal

    Your comment always motivates me even further! Thanks dude for the appreciation. :>>

  19. wow, great post i really like it.
    keep posting stuff like this

  20. How to make your blog most search in google?

  21. Congratulations. Now, I know where to find more tips and tricks from. Keep them coming =)

  22. Thank's very Good. By Seolog.

  23. Congratulations! Mohammad Mustafa.
    Stay connected with MBT.

  24. This blog helped me better than any other blog out there. Surely deserved PR 3!

  25. Congratulations. I lost my page rank when I created a 302 redirect..huhu