Editing The Song or Track Title and Artist Name In Blogger-Wordpress Mp3 Player

Blogger Mp3 Player Most of you requested a comprehensive tutorial which may let you easily edit the Track title and artist name that appears in the slide of the Wordpress Mp3 Player. I have already written two detailed posts on how to add this player in your blogger Blogs. If you haven’t read them then kindly read the details of adding this beautiful Mp3 player to your Blogger hosted blogs. The links below will take you to the respective pages.

  1. Simple Wordpress Mp3 Player
  2. Advanced and Customized Wordpress Mp3 Player

Kindly click the play button below and you will observe that when the slide opens, the Song Title and Artist name is displayed. We will learn on how to add this effect to any Mp3 Track whose title is not properly displayed in the Wordpress player.
The Music will start playing after 28 seconds (Not my fault –The audio is such! :p)

Follow These Simple Steps

  1. Go To your hard drive where you have saved your Mp3 file
  2. Right click on the Mp3 file and select “Properties”
  • A new window will pop-up with two tabs entitled “General” and “Summary
  • Click the Summary Tab and in that page click the button that says “Advanced >>
  • Now carefully look at the screenshot below. The only areas you need to edit are,
1) Artist  2). Album Title  3). Title
  • To edit an area simply double click on the right side of the preferred area. For example if you want to edit Artist name then right click at the extreme right side of Artist and then a blank box will be displayed where you can enter whatever text you want. 
  • After you edited the guided areas then simply hit Apply and Ok. You are done! The result will look something like this,


  • The green arrows are your edited areas and the text indicated by the blue arrow can easily be changed by simply right clicking the Mp3 file and renaming it. Though the text indicated by blue Arrow will not show up in the Wordpress Mp3 file.
Now simply upload your Mp3 file at a hosting service and start enjoying Music on your blog like never before! :>> Take care!
Note:- Questions are always welcomed!

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  1. after a long time u came oops thanks for the post

    one more suggestion why dont u start a forum on blogger tricks on the domain forum.mybloggertricks.com it will be great

  2. Mohammad Thank you so much. Hats off Mentor!

  3. @Chinna
    I agree I kept you guys awaited for long. :>
    I am already flooded with two many comments MashAllah, how will manage the forum? :p


    You are always welcomed pal. Thanks for the remarks! =D

  4. Mohammad God bless you. I really can not say thanks properly to you.!!

  5. Thanks for the tricks. Great idea :)

  6. @MMA

    This is was something n3w! Thanks helped saved a lot of time... :D

  7. You all are welcomed! Glad it worked for most of you. :>

  8. Hello Mohammad,

    Thanks for this trick. I tried it for my files, but the details of artist and album name did not appear when i uploaded the songs and tried to play songs online in player.

    Please visit : www.ranagill.net

    Thanks and Regards
    Rana Gill - Singer and Composer

  9. @Rana Gill
    Dear I doubt that you have not followed the steps properly. Because I just show you a live example and it is working just fine. May be you should give it a second try :D
    You can use MBT HTML Editor to save time.

    Glad to know that you sing and compose! :>>

  10. Hello Mohammad,

    I tried MBT HTML Editor but result is the same :( I can see all the information when viewing on hard disk but when it has to play online, it shows track#1 in all the songs.

    Thanks and Regards
    Rana Gill - Singer and Composer

  11. @Rana

    Is that song an mp3 and futher are you using winxp?
    If possible can you email me that song so that I could try and see what is the actual problem?

  12. I'm using a Mac and though the MP3 I uploaded has the artist, album and song title assigned (they come up automatically even when freshly loaded into iTunes) the player still shows Track #1. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem on my Mac, or is it a lost cause without Windows?

    Thanks for your time; this tutorial and the original one are wonderful - I'd been looking for a way to embed MP3's on Blogger for ages and this works perfectly.

    Hoping to hear a response.


  13. @kelly

    First thanks a bunch for your kind remarks! :>
    Dear since I use winxp only and have never tried MAC. I am afraid I really can not suggest anything on MAC. But If you play around in the similar way with the file then you can yourself figure out a way. Try entering the Mp3's properties, the solution will be in front of you.

  14. Hello Mohammad,

    Sorry for replying lately. My answers to your questions : yes song is in mp3 and i am using winxp. I will certainly mail you the song.

    Thanks and Regards
    Rana Gill - Singer and Composer

  15. HI
    how can we add audio song in blogger? please guide me.

  16. I'm having the same problem with always getting "Track #1" as the text. I've confirmed the MP3 tags, tried three different MP3 hosts (including the one you suggested). I've been beating my head against the wall for three hours and I'm tearing my hair out. If I use the MP3 from your post "Advanced and Customized Wordpress Mp3 Player," it works fine, but if I use mine (and I've tried three), I get "Track #1."

  17. I forgot to add that I'm using the player with the volume control.

  18. @Lightning Baltimore

    I can understand how eager you are to make it work. The best favour that I can offer is that kindly email me your MP3. I will edit it using my method and if it worked I will share the details via email. HAppy now? :>

  19. Hello Mohammad!

    One of the two scenarios happens with the MP3 player when I try to play it: (1) either a "file not found" notification appears (2) or it plays the music, but only when I log in my host site account on another tab of the Internet Browser.

    I'm wondering whether there's anything I can do to fix this problem.



  20. Hi Mohammad,

    I figured out the problem. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the tags are not being read when the MP3 is streamed from my hosting site. I confirmed this by downloading your MP3 and uploading it to where my files are hosted. Voila! "Track #1" instead of the tag info.

    Thanks, anyway!

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