Best Adsense Ad Locations & Ad Formats To Earn Handsome Revenue

Earn-Wisely Almost everyone is well aware that adsense really pays! But most people are still disappointed with their adsense revenue despite working hard in writing good content. I had the same feeling but as time passed I became more and more familiar at how Adsense payment mechanism works. Those who think they are smarter than the Adsense Engineers often end in frustration upon deactivation of their adsense accounts. Kindly prefer fair earning and give preference towards writing good content and attracting more and more readers. The true income lies in the number of visitors to your blog. Clicks, Page Impressions will increase once you make a good start with adsense. By good start I mean choosing smart locations on your layout to encourage Clicks and boost up your daily page Impressions.

Note:-1000 Page Impressions can return $0.5-$1. Depends on type of Ad.

While deciding an Ad Position Always Ask your selves these questions:-

  • What is the user trying to accomplish by visiting my site?
  • What do they do when viewing a particular page?
  • Where is their attention likely to be focused?
  • How can I integrate ads into this area without getting in the users' way?
  • How can I keep the page looking clean, uncluttered and inviting?

By experimenting with certain Ad positions on our blog and by studying various adsense articles we can now confidently claim the best Ad spots for Blogspot and Wordpress blogs. Observe carefully our Monetized Sample Blog Layout below,


Every Blog has four main sections i.e

  • The Header:- where we display blog title, description and navigation menu.
  • Post Body:- where we write content
  • Sidebar:- where we display widgets
  • Footer:- where we display credits or widgets

We have numbered the best Ad Locations from #1 (best) to #4 (Least Best). The reasons for each location are explained below.

Location #1:-Displaying Adsense Advertisements Below Post Titles

This is the best position to display your ads. We have observed that our blog earning increased tremendously when we decided to display ads below post titles. In fact this is the only spot which is first sight of attraction for every reader.

You can observe that I have displayed no ads below post titles on my homepage but when you enter a specific page the Ad below post title appears. Like this,


This way we keep our layout clean and revenue green :) I will write a detailed post tomorrow on how to add adsense code below post titles, below post body and under navigation menu.

The Ad formats below will return really impressive results for Ads displayed below post titles.

Best Ad Formats:-

  • Banner (468 x 60) Or
  • Square (250 x 250)  Or
  • Medium Rectangle (300 x 250)

Location #2:- Displaying Advertisements Above Navigation Menu

Now this location is the second best position which is the favourite Ad spot choice for many professional bloggers. The reasons are simple. Firstly because this area is of greatest interest to visitors and secondly because Ads in this area look clean and uncluttered so it won’t annoy the readers at all!


This area will have the highest page Impressions because it appears every where from homepage to archives and individual post pages!

Tutorial on how to add adsense above navigation menu will be shared tomorrow.

Best Ad Formats:-

  • (728x15) Displays up to 5 links   OR
  • (728x15_4) Displays up to 4 links

Location #3:- Displaying Advertisements At Right Side Of Header Or On Sidebars


These two locations have their own importance and according to our experiments we have obtained equal results from both these areas. These two areas give the highest page impressions. Again for the same reason that they appear everywhere, may that be your homepage, archive pages or post pages.

adsense skyscraper

Displaying a skyscraper at the sidebar can result in tremendous clicks. A skyscraper if customized well enough can appear just like a part of your blog links. The ads appearing in skyscraper are very tempting, interesting and attractive at the same time. A well displayed and clean skyscraper  will always attract a visitor to find the right answer to his query.

Best Ad Formats:-

  • For Header Right Choose Banner (468 x 60)
  • For Sidebar choose Skyscraper (120x600) or Wide Skyscraper (160x600)

Location #4:- Displaying Advertisements Below Posts


We gave this area the least importance firstly because the bottom of post is only reached when a reader really enjoys reading your article. Most often readers are in a surfing mood so they would not notice the footer at all. But still we can’t underestimate this area and can expect to get good relevant clicks by displaying the correct ad format as mentioned below.

Best Ad Formats:-

  • Banner (468 x 60) or
  • (468x15) Displays up to 5 links

A word Of Advise

Flow of Income from Adsense Requires patience and immense hard work. Give at least up to 1-2 years for income to flow positively. Give more importance to your blog interface and to your content. A good blog content with unfair user interface is equal to an unsuccessful one. Write quality and unique posts. Buy a custom domain and work harder and harder. Don’t try short cuts by making fraud clicks because one can never beat the extra efficient engineers of adsense. If your adsense account is banned for some reasons, your entire blogging career will end in frustration. Think again!

Patience and hard work brings fruitful results.

I wish you have a nice blogging experience by monetizing your blog wisely and smartly. Take care :>>

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  3. @jayaraj

    I am really sorry friend but I really don't like dark templates. I am working on some of my templates and will release them soon.

  4. Hi mustafa, Can u plz tell me that how to split my header in two parts for adding 468 x 60 banner ads.
    I am using ur MBT Buster Purple them plz help me its very urgent...

  5. I am writing a post on how to add adsense below post titles, posts and header. So there is no need for splitting the header. I have a far easy way. Make sure you check back

  6. i know you dont like dark templates but please consider my request
    if any blogger template creator is reading this comment please consider my request

  7. Great post, Mohd. But do you have any tips to get a adsense account first???

    There are not so many bloggers who are frustrated since adsense not accepting their account.

  8. I'm sorry for the typo. I meant "THERE ARE" so many bloggers who are frustrated since adsense not accepting their account.

  9. @Sreejesh

    Was your account previously deactivated or so? I am asking this question because its takes a minute to sign up for google adsense account. But if you have already been suspended due to violation of Adsense TOS than I am afraid to say that you can not display ads for your current blogger account. Although there is a solution.

    Create a new blogger account and import your old posts to this new account. Sign up for adsense with a different gmail ID and different name and identification data. I know this way is difficult but unfortunately this is the only way out!

  10. Great article thanks!

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  11. i m creating account on Google adsence
    but they r not approving me sent msg
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  13. @Esydownloads

    Dear I just visited your blog and found that you have heavy javascript every where with a dark background. Normally Google doesn't appreciate this because Adsense ads operate on websites with scripting that is well optimized. Even if you are accepted for adsense, your revenue will be almost negligible just because of the fact that dark background and un-optimizely scripted templates conflict the google adsense alogrithm.

    The best that you can do is to get a well optimized template. For instance MBT templates are best because we have shed enough sweat in keeping the coding clean and optimized so that google crawlers find it easy to index the post pages.

    but this blog have same templet and take more time to open than my blog.they are approved by google adsence

    i have an idea i make a simple blog using Mbt templete & apply to google adsence the dat account i used in my real account
    is this possible

  15. @easydownloads

    I just visited the site refered by you and found that you are right. It loaded taking too long and is heavily coded too. So now the only problem you are facing can be based on the following questions,

    1. Have you ever been suspended for an adsense account.

    2. Have you even been declined an adsense account for violating the Google TOS.

    If the answer is no. Than I guess you should retry and provide most authentic data for sign up. If the problem persists than I can have a chat with you some day online.

  16. @easy downloads

    Forgot question three

    3)Do you already have an approved AdSense account?

    As far as your idea is concerned , you can surely create a test blog with any well optimized template. Submit that Blog URL to adsense during sign up process and see if things work.

  17. Mohd, I need a trick from you. Can we have the social bookmarking icons like one the wordpres has in blogger blog??
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  20. @Sreejesh

    To add that social media icons by naeem noor to your blog read this post ->

    Thanks for honoring us with a banner displayed in your site. You can use any of these banners,
    MBT Banner1

    Or this

    MBT Banner2

    I will create some banners once I finish with my biggest upcoming post.

  21. Thanks for the button, I've inserted the button in all of my blogs

  22. Hey Mohd, I very sad today coz my adsenes account was disabled. I just started and added about 5 authors and i only have about 5 posts. I don't know why the account is disabled.

    U know I was trying to get approval for adsense from last 2 years and finally got one account on march 14th and it is just not even one month and now disabled. This was my only hope for blogging and to continue studies....
    I just thought I'll share this thing with you. Sorry if i bothered u....
    I'm reaklly saaad..

  23. @Sreejesh

    So sad brother! I sympathize with you. Google have frustrated many people but remember dude your future lies in your hands. Its not just adsense there are many alternatives so just chill because there are people earning in $1000 by not even using Adsense. Adbrite, info links and banner adds are the best alternatives to adsense. So remember whatever happened just forget it and say hi to a new start! You will do great because you always sound great! Trust me :>

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  27. Thank you so much for very informative and helpful tips. I have one question. Can you please tell me how do I remove Adsense that also appears on summary posts with Read More on my homepage?

    Don't get me wrong. I have successfully placed rectangle adsense under my post title. But the problem is, the adsense also appears on my homepage beneath title posts of six latest posts. They make my layout messy. I'd like to remove those adsense from my homepage summary post but want to display it only on title post of each post page. How do I do it? Thank you so much for your help.

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  29. Thank you, still awaiting approval but at least this gives me an idea of whats best for my blog.

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