Add a Cool Feed Icon and Subscription Email Form To The Sidebar of Your blogs (l)

Add-a-feed-Icon-To-Sidebar Many of my friends and loyal readers had emailed me and asked me that how did I add that RSS Feed Icon to my sidebar along with that Email Subscription form. So I decided that why not write a post on it this afternoon. Since this post is a bit long, I will complete it in two parts. In this part of the post I will share the trick of adding an attractive RSS Feed Icon to the sidebar of your blogs. 
So without wasting any more time lets learn how to plant this TNT.

Well to let visitors subscribe to your feeds (Feeds = Posts or Comment Updates) via a feed reader or an email, you must sign up for an account at which is a wonderful web service that gives you widgets, stats and complete control over your feeds.
So assume that you have sign up for an account at  and have your feeds burned. Your feed URL will now look like this,
Instead of tntbystc you will use the title that you chose for your feeds while creating an account at
To get your Feed URL, Log into your Feedburner Account and click on Edit Feed Details as shown below,
edit-feed-details  On clicking it you will see the following details,
You can see in the image above that your feed URL will be something like Feed Title
Simply Copy your Feed URL on to a notepad or WordPad because we will need it later on this post.
Lets now learn how to add a beautiful RSS Icon to Your Sidebar

Steps To be Followed

  • You would love to know how to replace that ugly Feed Icon with your Custom one(I hope you have uploaded it as guided above) and to add some text below that Feed Icon and to surround your Feed Icon and Text in a coloured Frame/Outline (just like mine!) …etc…etc… Well if you really wish to know how to do it, so lets do it by using my custom code below,
<div style="border: 1px solid DodgerBlue; padding: 5mm;">
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Remain updated by subscribing to my</span>
<a href="URL of Your Feed Address" target="_blank">Regular Feed Updates</a>
<center><a href="URL of Your Feed Address" target="_blank"><img src="URL of Your Feed Icon" title="Receive Free updates by clicking here!"/></a></center></div>
In the code above remember to replace the Green text with your Feed URL that you just copied in a notepad or WordPad.
You can change the bolded Black text to anything you like. This text will appear above your feed Icon.
Replace the Red text with the URL of your RSS Feed Icon ( I hope you have uploaded your feed icon as guided above)
The Blue text appears when someone hovers his mouse cursor on your Feed Icon (Hover your mouse cursor on my feed icon and you will see a snippet with the following text in it Receive free TNT updates by clicking here! )
DodgerBlue refers to the colour of the frame which will surround your RSS Icon, you can change it to any colour you like for example you can replace it with White, black, red, green etc.
Once you have understood everything then do the following,
  • Copy the code above
TNT Tip: Press Ctrl + A to select the entire code and then press Ctrl + c to copy the entire code.
  • Now after you had copied the code simply log into your blogger account and go to  Layout > Page Elements
Then Click on add a Gadget
Then choose HTML/JavaScript
  • simply paste the code into the HTML/JavaScript (make sure you have adjusted the code according to your liking)
  • Hit save!
Visit your blog and you will see a beautiful RSS Icon surrounded by a coloured frame/outline as shown below,
Remain updated by subscribing to my Regular Feed Updates
Receive Free updates by clicking here!
Don’t worry about the width of that outline, it automatically occupies all the space available  in your sidebar.
I will let you know how to add a Subscription Email Form just below this RSS Icon on my next post. Till then enjoy the little panda :)
Please let me know if you are facing difficulty in understanding any step.

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  1. @Peace and love

    I just published the post today. You can read it now :)

  2. I was wondering if you could possible give me some help. Somehow I've accidentally deleted my feedburner feed. I can't find any help in feedburner, or google help. Do you have any suggestions on what I can do to "undelete" it?

  3. @Homesick Cajun

    What is gone can not be undo when it comes to Google! I am really sorry that you accidently deleted it. But yeh nothing is more interesting than a new start, sign up for a new feedburner account and write a post informing all your visitors about your new feed link. Wishing ya best of luck! :>

  4. Thanks..
    this working please visit my blog here

  5. Thanks Mohammed it's working well nice tutorial!

  6. i just wana say u big THANKS..mai to yar tera fan ho gya ho .. mujhe coding karna nahi ata par jha se itne ache tips and widget milte hai ke bta nahi sakta maine apne blog page pe flying bord add kiya hai tweet bird its really nice thx bhai plz visi my blog page
    i need widget jo side widget mai latest update apne app scrool chalte rehta hai voh wala i hope u understand what i want once again thx u

  7. hi mohammad....thanx for this nice blog for all newbies....

  8. Hi, I just stumbled on your blog looking for something else. I think that you might have a solution. I have found that my feedburner feeds list my latest post at the bottom and my older posts on the top. This happened last year and I am not sure how it did! I would like to have my latest posts appearing on the top of the feed and the older ones below. Is it possible to change the order?

    My url is : and my site is called Tongue Ticklers.

    Would be great if you answered my query! Thanks!