6 Best Apps For Bloggers

For many, the thought of a work from home lifestyle is enticing. Bloggers know all too well of the lifestyle. While it is nice to get paid from the comfort of your own home, it isn't all fun and games. Work is work no matter where the location is. Bloggers must stay on task and do their due diligence. That's where apps can come in handy. Many apps eliminate guesswork or take care of other details so the blogger can simply focus on writing. From organizing ideas and projects into visual boards to correcting spelling errors, apps certainly help make things more efficient.

Here are six of the best apps for bloggers.


This may be the mother of all apps for bloggers. Grammarly is a free online writing assistant. From detecting the tone of your written work, to aiding in proper punctuation, Grammarly does it all. This is important for bloggers as many readers expect the writers to be clear and if written pieces are filled with errors, that blogger can lose credibility and the reader may be lost forever. Bloggers who stay on top of their emails can also use Grammarly to ensure their messages are mistake-free as well.


Most bloggers are aware of the importance of social media in this era. It's an easy way to promote website content and it's free, barring paying for advertising. One of the biggest social media platforms is Instagram. Schedugram allows bloggers to schedule their Instagram posts and provides a visual look at past and future posts.

Google Analytics

Blogging on the go? If so, it would be wise to download the Google Analytics app. This will allow you instant access to your website's traffic. You can easily see which pieces are clicking with your readers and which ones aren't. With real-time results and the ability to track the viewership for each article, it's a must-have app for Bloggers who are running a business.


Bitly is a free app that allows you to shorten those long links. This increases productivity and makes your links recognizable by readers across all channels. Ultimately, it could lead to an increase in clicks for your website.


The Weebly app is perfect for those looking to build a professional website. If you already have your site in order, you can use this app to create an online store.


WordPress is the leading web publishing platform. Taking this app on the go is a must if you're a blogger who is constantly on the go. Whether you need to add a plug-in or do some writing during your travels, WordPress is where it's at.

Those are six of the best apps for bloggers and those digital nomads. With Grammarly, Schedugram, Google Analytics, Bitly, Weebly, and WordPress, you will be set to do what you do best while ensuring that productivity is at its peak. Whether you're just starting or are an experienced blogger, these apps are a must.

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