Receive Facebook Notifications Outside Facebook Window

How many of you spend your leisure time browsing through Facebook, and  waiting for notifications or messages from friends? I know many, if not most, of you people might. Facebook indeed is a great tool to stay in touch, and many people, like me, log on solely to communicate with their friends. But who has the time to wait on the Facebook site for their friends to appear, or to check their Facebook periodically? Using MyStatusBar, you can now get Facebook notifications outside the Facebook site, leaving you free to browse through the internet and do your work.

Get SMS Alerts When Your Site Goes Down

Website Monitoring
Ever worried about your website going down while you're away on a trip or vocation? Or maybe, you got too caught up at work to test it out or notice that your website is down, and you're losing precious audience? Indeed, it can be a really difficult situation when your site goes down, and you don't know about it. A site could go down due to many reasons, and there's nothing you can do to stop it. The best solution would be to discover errors quickly, and correct them to get your site up and running speedily once again. So to get notified as quickly as possible, you can use set up text messages that will let you know as soon as your website is down.

Should You Blog In Hindi or Urdu?

Blogging in another language?

In the past few years, the worldwide aptitude towards blogging has been growing, and millions of blogs have now surfaced. Whether the purpose be to earn money or share opinions or educate people, one thing is for certain. Almost everyone (except for maybe a few personal blogs) is looking for audience to engage with on their blog. Now while communicating with these people, the communication medium needs to be taken into consideration. We have been reviewing some top bloggers and blogs in different countries, and we have gotten a better insight into how important language is for your blog. So the big question for tonight is, should you blog in Hindi, or Urdu, or any other traditional native language? And 'should you blog in English only?

Now you can Create RSS FEEDS For Google Plus

Google Plus RSS Feed
As you might know, RSS Feeds are an alternative way of delivering your content to your readers. Not everyone that visited your site and liked your content will return again and again. Instead, you will have to deliver your content to them if they liked to your content, and say subscribed to your blog. They are, in fact, subscribing for your RSS feeds. These feeds will appear in their email inbox. Additionally, you can use your RSS feed to drive content on other sites of yours, or provide content to users on RSS readers. Feeds don't necessarily have to be from your blog. They can be from anything that's updated regularly, even your Google Plus. An engineer at Google developed a Chrome app, Feed+, that will allow you to create RSS feeds for your Google Plus!

Top 10 Blogs and Bloggers In China

Top 10 China Blogs

China is a country of hard-working people, and it has one of the largest online communities of internet users. Like much else, the IT industry in China has had a boom, giving rise to many internet users, IT professionals, bloggers, and hackers. Despite growth in economy and many opportunities, a lot of people have turned towards online methods of income mainly due to a lot of population in the country and the high competition. Hence there's a large community of bloggers in China. Continuing our series on top 10 blogs and bloggers around the world, we decided to look into what blogs are most popular in China. Here's our list of the top 10 bloggers and blogs in China.

Reasons Why Feedburner Count Shows Zero

Feedcount goes zeroThe FeedCount chicklet by feedburner and their main site is showing and displaying zero subscriber count for all registered users since 19th September 2012. According to Feedburner Status Blog, the maintenance team is encountering some serious problems with their stats production pipeline. Due to which the Feedcount has gone zero instead of showing the correct number for current RSS FEED readers and Email subscribers. The problem exists even when you log into your account and check the Feed Stats Dashboard. The dashboard shows zero "0" subscribers with zero reachability. The chart below shows a deep drop in our Feedcount from over 11.5K Readers to Zero, which is surely weird. However the Feed Clicks and Views data function just fine.

Top 10 Blogs And Bloggers In Indonesia

Top 10 Blogs and Bloggers in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of those countries that underwent rapid progress in the past few decades. And now, many countries look up to it for clues on development. And as in many other countries, the online community in Indonesia has grown as well, hence giving rise to many proactive bloggers. We have already talked about the top blogs in Malaysia and in the World. So we continue our series on the top 10 blogs and bloggers in Indonesia.

Add YouTube Associates To Your Site In Webmaster Tools

youtube associates
For any blog or website, having multiple online presences is one way to gain visitors’ trust. These presences can be Facebook Fan pages, Google Plus Business Pages, YouTube channels, and other social media profiles. But for webmasters, running a website and managing all these accounts is one hell of a task, and often consumes a lot of time. In such cases, webmasters can assign administrative roles to trusted people. And Google is here to help! Using Google Webmaster Tools, webmasters can now easily add associates, or trusted users, to manage their YouTube presence for them.

Is Blogging on a Celebrity a waste of time?

A Guest Post by Haider Afridi from SkFanClub. One of our most dedicated loyal reader and gold star contributor. Presenting his success story.

When a new blogger decides to start blogging, the first thing which hits his mind is " Which Topic Should I Blog on?". Than he starts searching for the topics which suites him well. Every topic is successful indeed but it depends on the blogger that how he executes his topic through Blogging. Today i will discuss about Celebrity Blogging. I will share my story with you. With my experience i will try to help you on how to make a successful Celebrity Blog.
When i started blogging on a celebrity exact one year back, some Pro-Bloggers advised me to leave celebrity blogging as a celebrity blog does not have much scope. Well i continue blogging. I admit that a Top Class Celebrity Blog can never be compared to a Top Class Tech Blog but it does not means that a Celebrity blog is a complete failure.

Add Enhanced AddThis Sharing Tool To Your Blog

AddThis Social Sharing Tool
You might know AddThis from the sharing buttons you place on your blogs below your posts. The AddThis sharing tool is a really useful feature for bloggers. Not only does it provide you with a means to share your great content, it also monitors the information shared to analyze data and provide insights to publishers and note the latest trends. In the process, the AddThis sharing tool has evolved into a much faster and more powerful one which not only can easily be integrated with your website, it also provides a great and easy sharing experience to your readers. AddThis has recently released a sleeker, more elegant sharing tool which adds a lot of new features. Let's take a look at what's new, and how to get it!

Top 10 Blogs and Bloggers In America

Top 10 blogs in America
Blogging and freelancing have become really popular, especially in developed countries, where the trend is more towards self-employment rather than a regular 9-5 office job. In countries like America, this activity is on the rise, and America perhaps  has the largest blogging community in the world, which is why it has become the industry leader, and most popular blogs are based there. We started a series on the most popular blogs in different countries, and we thought, why not rank the blogs in America?


Google Answers Top 5 Questions Of Government Webmasters

Google Government webmaster help

According to an estimate, around 20% of searchers on Google search for local content. And since local or state or federal government sites are the primary source of information for civilians, they are important to Google search. Besides, such governments are experts in their local communities, and often have a lot of information. Due to their importance, Google has decided to address some issues faced commonly by Government Webmasters who run or organize Government run websites. These are some frequently asked questions answered by Jason Morrison from Google's Search Quality Team.

Top 10 Blogs And Bloggers In Malaysia

Top 10 Blogs in Malaysia

Blogging has become very popular nowadays. To a lot of social media/tech savvy people and internet geeks, blogging has become second nature. And many are earning loads from this hobby too. But every so often, no matter the niche, there emerge some popular blogs and bloggers that become influencers, and set standards in their respective niche. And like in every profession, bloggers need inspiration. This inspiration doesn't need to be from the top blogs like TechCrunch or Mashable. Rather, you can look up the top blogs in your own country and feel inspired. For this purpose, we will be sharing some top 10 blogs and bloggers list from across various countries. And here is a list of the top 10 blogs and bloggers from Malaysia for your inspiration if you're from Malaysia (or even if you're not).

How to manage all your Cloud Storages From One Place?

Cloud storage

One of the best things about online cloud storage is, it is amazingly convenient and an effective way of storing and sharing your files. But the problem nowadays is, there are so many cloud services available that it becomes difficult to manage your content, since different services have their own pros and cons. So while I use SkyDrive for large files and Google Drive for documents and photos etc, I use DropBox for quickly sharing files with others. Managing all these services is a bit of a drag. Wouldn't it just be easier if there was a unified platform where you could manage everything 'under one roof'? Hojoki is just such a platform, where you can manage all your cloud storages from one place!

Important cPanel Settings For Beginner Webmasters

CPanel has become a very popular web hosting platform / software, and once you migrate to your own domain or buy a new one, your hosting company will most likely provide you with the cPanel software pre-installed on your domain for your ease. In fact, it has now become the industry standard for hosting companies. For those of you who are acquainted with web-hosting, you will know how important such a software can be. It puts a lot of tools and features at your finger tips, thus allowing you to stop worrying about the management and concentrate on the domain itself. But for beginners, especially those who have no prior web-hosting experience, it could be a challenging and confusing environment. Here are some basic settings every beginner should set to ensure his domain is safe and secure.

Top 10 Tools To Search Twitter For Popular Bloggers

Twitter Research
Twitter is a really great tool when it comes to looking up for news or getting updates from your favorite Twitterers. For bloggers, it's an especially good way to build interactions, and get ideas. In our blogging tips, we have countlessly discussed about following other blogs in your niche tio find out what's hot, and what they are doing. This gives you ideas to improve your own blog. But how to find such blogs? More importantly, how to look for people who share interesting stuff that relates to your own niche as well? Here are some tools that we believe could be invaluable to searchers looking for updates and ideas on Twitter.

Popular Blogging Tips That Don't Always Work

Blogging Tips

Most bloggers, when they start blogging, search Google for 'blogging tips' or 'increasing blog traffic' at one point or another in their life. For most, its when they publish their first post (or thereabouts), and decide to create an awesome blog in the near future by following the best advice on the internet. And while searching for advice, they come across some really common and popular tips that everyone seems to be talking about.

But the logical question is, if those tips are so 'award-winning' or efficient, then why isn't every other blog getting popular? Well, the simple fact of the matter is, while they might be great tips, they don't always work, or work in a way that you might think. Here are a few well known blogging tips that need some consideration before implementation.

10 WhiteHat Blogging Tips For Bloggers by Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts

You will find countless blogging and SEO tips online and on this blog. If you don't trust the credibility of what other say, then you can take it from Matt Cutts, the Google guy. He is the head of the web-spam team at Google, so he definitely knows what he is talking about, as he is the person in charge of controlling what blogs get a good spot in SERPs and what blogs get penalized due to over-optimization or other SEO or blogging mistakes. During his one-hour lecture at a WordPress Camp, he shared some blogging tips and ideas that we feel worth re-sharing with other people who weren't there or didn't see the video.

Why Every Freelancer Today Wants To Be A Blogger?

Blogging with Freelancing

Freelancing and Blogging are among the many ways you can earn money online. We have been sharing tips on both at this blog. But the question is, which one is better? Sure, they both have their share of pros and cons, but the fact is, they are increasingly becoming inter-dependent. Most freelancers are now aspiring to become bloggers at some level or another. Why? Because it's their need of the hour! So the greater question is, should one start blogging as a career? Freelance work is increasingly demanding the presence of blogging, which is why a lot of Freelancers are now bloggers as well. Here's why you should blog if you are a freelancer.

The Funny Matt Cutts on Whitehat SEO tips for Bloggers

Whitehat SEO tips by Matt Cutts

How much about SEO can you learn in an hour? Apparently, a lot, as the head head of Google's webspam team, Matt Cutts demonstrates (yes, he's the guy that's probably ruined your blog after the Panda and Penguin updates :P). But it's all for the better, because quality is now Google's priority. And there's a lot to be learned from the maybe-not-so-evil-after-all Matt Cutts. During an interactive session at a WordPress camp, he humors his audience for an hour with some Whitehat SEO tips and strategies that webmasters can apply to climb up the ladder. The major topics discussed were SEO keyword and security tips, pros and cons of Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, migrating to a new web-host, and of course, some WordPress plugin recommendations. Bloggers would definitely benefit from these tips.

Convert Blogger Template into a blank HTML Page

turn blogger to blank pageBlogSpot templates are codded using the XHTML 1.0 Strict Document Type. It was developed by world wide web consortium on 26 January 2000. Unlike PHP or the rules of XML are strict and unforgiving. A slight mistake in code results in terrifying error messages that you often see while editing your blog template. In order to understand how these templates are designed and programmed. You need to start from scratch. I was planning to release some grid and List view templates but the tough work schedule made it difficult to do so. However I am releasing today a simple code that will turn your test Blog's XML structure into a plain, empty template with no widgets. The entire blogger template consists of widgets that are operated and managed using classes and IDs. The blog posts section itself is a giant widget that can be styled in different ways. To make things simple I will share today how to create a blank HTML Page out of a Blogger Template and then start adding widgets to it to experiment exciting new ways of customizing the blog view.

How To Fix Rejected Ad Request Errors in AdSense

How To Fix Rejected Ad Request Errors in AdSense

Google AdSense Ad serving has been a hot topic since like forever, as lots of bloggers and webmasters use AdSense to make money online. Many people have asked questions regarding errors associated with Google Ads. And indeed, the rejected Ad request errors are quite common. These occur majorly when the ads on your site are not properly set up, and hence they can't crawl the correct URL. In such cases, an error occurs, and 'blank ads' might be served as a result. These errors have become quite common. But if you are encountering them, there's nothing to worry about. In this post, we will show you what causes such errors, and how to remove them.

Get Emails from Gmail Right on your Desktop

Gmail Desktop Notifier

Gmail is a favorite email service for many, especially since it offers so many cool features and services. Indeed, it was the service that accelerated development in this industry by posing a serious threat to the existing leaders, Hotmail and Yahoo. What with Google's Drive integration along with other services, it has almost become the leading email service. Most people open their browsers to check on their emails on Gmail. But there's a simpler way! The Gmail Notifier for Windows is an easy solution that lets you receive emails right on your desktop without opening up your browser!

Enable 2-Step Verification to Secure your DropBox account

Dropbox 2-step verification - advanced security

If you have been following news from the cloud industry, you might be familiar with the recent exploits at Dropbox. The cloud storage giant faced some inconvenience at the hands of some hackers who got into the service. Ever since, they have tightened the loopholes and implemented some security measures. But despite all efforts, the safety of user data still largely lies in the hands of users, since that's where a hacker seeking sensitive information will strike. It would perhaps be best to enable 2-step verification for your Dropbox account, so as to prevent un-authorized access to your sensitive and private information.

Easy Way To Schedule Emails In Gmail

schedule Gmail emails

Gmail is a very powerful service that lets you do more than just sending and receiving emails. It has been around for quite some time now, and has always tried to stay ahead of its competitors by offering more storage and a faster system along with other cool features that help it stay ahead of the game. There are apps that collaborate with Gmail to provide additional, powerful functionality. Now, using such methods, you can schedule your emails, track them, and more. Scheduling emails to be sent later is a particularly useful feature which will help you become organized and efficient, and increase your productivity. You can do this for free using either of the two apps; Boomerang and RightInbox.

Colorful Tabs: A JQuery Menu For Blogger

colourful jquery menuAfter having published and designed over 100+ Navigation Menus for Blogger, both with horizontal and vertical list view, today we would like to share a beautiful menu that has remained the favorite choice of all MBT clients so far. This menu changes color for each tab on mouse hover. It uses simple JavaScript functions to produce neat and clean transition effects. Instead of displaying the sub menu items in traditional vertical drop down list, we aligned them with one another to fit into a single line. Unlike other menus, this widget would easily fit any BlogSpot template without design conflicts. It is positioned at the top most section of your blog to attract readers the most. The installation steps are fun to try and extremely easy. The Menu works fine on all major browsers i.e: IE7+, Safari, Chrome, Mozilla and Opera.  Lets add it to your blogs and get rid of any existing bulky menu that proved no less than a trouble.

Which Blog Topics are Against Adsense TOS Policies?

Google AdSense is a widely used ad-program that serves as a major source of income for millions of blogs and websites worldwide. But many people face the problem of getting their AdSense accounts disabled or banned. This results in the seizure of any money that hasn't been withdrawn. Most such people don't have a clue about why they got banned. It happens as a result of the violation of AdSense TOS. While some accounts get banned or disabled as a result of a malicious action, such as unusual click activity, many others get banned as a result of some content that is not appreciated by AdSense. In this post, we will discuss what sort of content is disliked by Google, so that you can save yourself the inconvenience and avoid getting banned by AdSense.

You Can Now Use Blogger Dynamic View on Mobile!

blogger dynamic view

The mobile phone is increasingly being used on the internet, what with the easy connectivity and mobile apps. Now, mobile blogging is on the rise, and you can even blog right from your cell phone! Many and more people are now using mobile devices to surf the internet, which is why bloggers are turning towards optimizing their blogs for mobile devices. Most of you might be familiar with Blogger Dynamic View, since more than 2 millions blogs have started using it ever since it was launched. Now, Google has integrated the flexibility of mobile usage with the functionality of Dynamic Views. You can now optimize your Blogger Dynamic View blogs for mobile to enhance user experience!