Major Google Search Result Update for Google Plus!

imageGoogle was trying different minor changes after the arrival of Google Plus but a major update occurs yesterday. This is really a good change in my view. The change is that now the Google Plus users can search in their desired websites. Let me explain you in detail.
For example me or any of my friend in my Google plus account friend list shares MBT on Google plus and very next day I search for BLOGGER TRICKS on Google. Now what Google will do is that because the keyword BLOGGER TRICKS is related with MBT and i have shared it in my Google plus account so it will first crawl MBT blog and will show me the results from it first.


How Come Video Blogging is the Best Way To Boost Traffic?

traffic through video bloggingVideo blogging means that instead of writing text based content you publish tutorials in video format. Since People often prefer Graphics over text, therefore webmasters and professional bloggers have started multiplying their current traffic with their niche related videos. These videos are Uploaded on networks such as YouTube, Metacafe and dailymotion at large. No matter how popular or unpopular a blogger may be, everyone has realized the importance of attracting targeted traffic from video broadcasting giants such as YouTube. It is believed that YouTube is the second biggest Search Engine after Google. People are converting their text based information into video graphics at a surprisingly fast rate. May it be News, Technology updates or cooking recipe, you find everything presented to you in a much better understandable way through videos. People are gradually giving more value to video tutorials compared to text based tuts. So todays' topic is about understanding the power of video Blogging.


10 Tips To Hatch Out As A Creative Blogger

10 Tips To Become Creative Blogger

Blogging today is a very common way to share your ideas, your knowledge and also making some money out of it. But most new bloggers suffer when they actually start writing. They don't know from where to start and how to turn every single visitor into a reader and drive consistent traffic. Here we would mention some 10 odd Recipe tips to be a creative & successful blogger which will definitely get you started.


Add "Thumbs Up" Rating Widget To Blogger

thumbs up widget for bloggerBlogger provides the default star rating widget but I just came across a widget by JS kit that offers two options. You can either use with a star rating look or you can set it to "Thumbs Up!" It counts the total number of thumbs up or thumbs down for each of your posts. The visitor just needs to click his rating option and the count will be automatically incremented. This widget also shows four tabs which displays the likes made by the visitor himself and also shows popular topics under the Hot/Top tabs. It also displays stats for that post. I really found it interesting and I would recommend that you add it to your blogs to engage your readers more and increase your overall page views. The readers would love to explore Hot and Top topics on your blog using this widget.


What Skills are Needed By a Professional Blogger? Part-1

skills required by professional bloggerRarely do people share the true secrets behind their fairly established online existence. The word "Blogger" simply defines a person who generates quality content and publishes it online. So anyone who is publishing something new and unique to the online media is called a "Blogger". But how would you define a "Professional Blogger?" In todays tutorial I will share every possible detail linked to six figure earning dream. Everyone loves to Make Money Online but not everyone is applying the correct formula and that's why people often abandon their blogging careers. All details below are based on what I practically experienced during my 3 years of Blogging career, so things shared here are deeply focused to guide how to survive online in this growing world competition. Make 2012 a year to establish your blogging Goals!


"4 Requirements" To Make Money Through Blogging In 2012

blogging requirementsNo matter if you are a student, housewife or jobless, blogging is a technical skill that turns a layman into an entrepreneur if applied correctly. We always advise 10th grade students to start learning blogging because by the time they will graduate their tiny blog would have become a revenue generating engine. Blogging is surely an art and it can work only if your strategies are practical and focused. Big internet marketers often launch blogs with the start of each new year so that they could multiply their current income. Creating more blogs is never a big challenge but creating your very first blog is. But before you may start a new blog or take any such decision, we  would like to guide you throughout your journey so that you may emerge as a well established professional blogger.

How Can SOPA and PIPA Effect Bloggers?

sopa and pipa effect on bloggersThe Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) which aimed at demolishing the online freedom and spread of speech has fortunately been postponed on January 20, 2012 after US Government saw the biggest internet protest of the time. The protests were the biggest in Internet history, with over 115 thousand sites altering their webpages with black protest banners! With Wikipedia and reddit being the heavy protestors. As soon as FBI shutdown the largest free resource sharing website "MegaUpload" , tons of attacks were launched by Anonymous just after 70 minutes on government websites such as Justice Department, the FBI, Universal Music Group, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), and Broadcast Music, Inc.


How To Remove Blogger Threaded Comments?

Remove Blogger Threaded CommentsYou can observe that we have rolled back threaded commenting from our blog. The only reason was that since this feature is new therefore it involves some bugs. The biggest problem that almost all blogspot blogs are facing with threaded comments is that when you click a post link, the user is taken to the bottom of the page where comment box exists. In other words, upon clicking post URL, the control takes you to comment box rather remaining at top. This effected our AdSense Revenue and PageViews. If you are relaxed using this new commenting system then you may simply neglect this tutorial but if you think that you will add back the threaded commenting feature once all bugs are removed by Blogger Team then you can follow the easy steps shared below to get rid of this new feature.


Should You Use Facebook Comments Plugin On Your Blogs?

UPDATE: you can continue using Facebook comments because from November 2011 , Matt Cutts from Google tweeted and confirmed that now Google spiders are even smarter and can Index comments on plugins by Facebook, Disqus and Intense Debate. I thank our dear readers for informing us.

facebook comments pluginWhatever development that takes place is always for a better good but unless you apply it logically it wont benefit you the least. May it be the recent Dynamic Views introduced by blogger that gave a complete different look to free BlogSpot templates using AJAX, jQuery and other related technologies or may it be the popular Facebook comment Box that is believed to be a traffic generating Engine, development is only good for you if you know how to make use of it. Most often Bloggers follow highly well established internationally recognized blogs. They would start using whatever they are being suggested by several sources. Its good to keep following role models but apply only those successful tips that may return something profitable. Lets know analyze whether to use Facebook comments Plugin or stop using it.


Blogger Users Can Continue Using Google Friend Connect

friend connect will not retireGoogle Friend Connect as you all know is a free social networking site which allows your website visitors to join your blog to build a profile and interact with each other by sharing information via third-party sites. Blogger users who follow blogs using friend connect receive updates straight in their dashboard. This service was introduced on 12th of May 2008 but on November 22, 2011, Google announced that Friend Connect will be retired for all sites by March 1, 2012 and encouraged use of Google+'s pages and Google+  badges instead.  This shocked almost everyone because it took web owners great efforts to build Fan following using Friend Connect. Should Blogger users worry as well?


Blogger Threaded Comments For Custom Templates

UPDATE: If you would like to remove thread comments then read: Remove Threaded/Nested Commenting

blogger threaded commentsJust yesterday we shared a tutorial and announcement on Blogger's most awaited feature of threaded (Nested) commenting system. We shared how to enable threaded comment style in official blogger templates but that method don't work on custom templates which are downloaded from un-official designers. Almost 75% of blogger users prefer using un-official templates and since this feature can't simply be resisted therefore we took some time to install it safely and apply all required codes to make this feature function properly after a lot of trial and errors. The tutorial below is first time shared and will offer the easiest way to add threaded commenting style to blogger blogs. I had received some JavaScript codes from our Malay speaking Fellow bloggers and Indian Guest authors which was producing the same effect using scripts created by third party developers but the reason I delayed those guest posts was due to their browser load time conflict issues. I am glad Blogger team provided us with a much neater and fast loading script that has now surely pushed blogspot blogs to the next level. Lets get to work then!

Enable Blogger Threaded Commenting Option!

Update: The Tutorial for Unofficial Templates can be found here: "Blogger Threaded Comments For Custom Templates"

imageBlogger has recently announced an amazing Wordpress like feature of tailing comment system to all official BlogSpot templates. Blogger now supports threaded commenting. Your readers can now easily interact with more freedom and flexibility while leaving replies or posting comments. Normal Comments and Comment replies can easily be differentiated from each other. Previously we would use a Reply button to reply to comments and often used the traditional method of using the @ symbol to point to a specific commentator.


How To Buy Domain with Unverified PayPal Account?

unverified paypal accountRunning a Blog on a self hosted domain is very important for many reasons. You might have read all those reasons on MBT so i will not discuss them here. In short, custom domain is a must for every blogger. I remember when one year before i started blogging, i was 18 years old. I do not have any Bank Account or any Credit Card. I was searching for some domain providers that accepts payments via Unverified PayPal account.



How To Transfer Domain Name To HostGator For Free?

hostgator free domain name transferI will be sharing today PART#3 of our series on becoming a webmaster. You all know well what a domain is. It is simply the URL address that tells the browser where your server is located. It is the key to your blog. BlogSpot users often purchase domain from Blogger's recommended registrars like Godaddy. Some even purchase domains from local hosts. No matter where you domain is hosted, a good news is that luckily HostGator doesn't charge you for domain name transfers. You don't need to pay $20 or above for domain transfer, you can transfer it for free along with free technical support of the staff. Amazingly any domain transferred to HostGator is automatically renewed for an additional year for free! Today we will discuss the step by step procedure to correctly and safely transfer your domain from your current registrar to HostGator. But first make sure that you have already bought a hosting plan for your blog. Please read PART#2 of the tutorial below if you have not yet made the decision.


"99 Coins" - The Dream to Earn Just 1 More Coin

99 coins story

As you grow more mature, your tastes and hobbies change. When we were young we often used to watch cartoons a lot but today as time has changed we hardly watch them anymore. Believe it or not I often accompany my niece in watching cartoon programs especially the ones on POGO TV. My Paendu friends often laugh at me for this but that is just ok. I often get inspirational ideas from short animation films. It may sound funny but just yesterday I learnt a brilliant lesson from a story based on rich landlord and a poor farmer. Which I would like to share with all of you. I just hope my narration puts the same impact on your minds as that of the animation I saw yesterday.


CSS3 Drop Down Menu - No Images and No Scripts!

css3 Drop down menu

After My Previous Article Make a Popup Subscribe Like aweber, I’m Back here With another Supercool Article About Cool Css3 Navigation In Blogger. Again Thanks To Mohammad Mustafa Sir For Making It Approved. This amazing drop down menu is created by Catalin Rosu and uses no images or scripts at all! We will be sharing a modified version which may work perfectly with Blogger. Its pure power display of CSS3 . It is really Cool and Professional Widget For Your Blog Which will really change the appearance of Your Blog and Make it trendy and attractive. It is very Easily Integrated in your BLOG.


jQuery Facebook Likebox Popup For Blogger - v2

Facebook Likebox popup
The previous version of jquery popup for Facebook Like box was warmly welcomed by all of you. Most of you requested social media links to be added to it along with a RSS subscription form. Normally it's a standard to keep it simple with just a subscribe form and Likebox and adding social media links does not make sense here. However if you wish to have them then please vote by posting your comments. I am a little busy with some other tasks therefore designed this new version in hurry. You can easily add it to your blogger blogs as well as wordpress blogs. The steps are exactly the same and we will be using the same Lightbox script that we used in creating a simple Subscribe Popup form. I will further troubleshoot some problems that you faced with the earlier version. Lets get to work then!

Why Host Blogger Blog on HostGator?

blogger blog on hostgatorBlogging is your business which requires investment both in terms of energy, time and money. As time goes on your little blog will grow and draw attention of search engines and social media in terms of traffic. Visitors enjoy when you offer something unique and something that may help them and provide them with a reason to visit your blog. I started blogging in 2009 with blogger and as time passed I started enjoying it and this hobby turned into a profession. I needed a reliable company to help me expand this little blog so that tomorrow we could add new tools and resources to it. Readers deserve the right to be provided with an open forum where they could exchange ideas and interact more openly with one another. Off-topic questions often result in deletion and therefore a Forum becomes important when you want to keep things simple and clean.  Google Blogs unfortunately doesn't allow access to the server where your files are hosted for free. Which means you can not create sub domains for your blog where you could add a Forum, portfolio page or services page. Thus a reliable web hosting company becomes a necessity.
Note: This is part1 of our series on choosing Best Hosting for your Blogs. I will be sharing my personal experiences here, technical details, personal help, web hosting plans and discount coupon codes.

How To Host Files on Google Code For Free?

File hosting on googleGooglepages were amazing resource for bloggers who could not afford web hosting costs. I remember, it offered a free storage of 100MB but due to its failure Google replace it with Google sites which proved to be far more unsuccessful. Development is increasing therefore Google showed its generosity again by providing a free 4GB upload storage with an  amazing upload limit  of 200MB per file! I found it too important for blogger users. We often need direct links to host JavaScript, jquery and some flash files. Due to low quality free serving sites like mydatanest, fileave, boxtr etc., I thought it would be great to share how can Google help you in this case. Lets learn a new free way to host files.

I must remind you that you can upload anything you want under the limit of 200MB per file. May it be Java, php, MySQL or even pyThon.


jQuery Popup For Facebook LikeBox

Update: Version 2 has been released. Please find it here: Facebook Likebox popup V2

jquery popup facebook likeboxThis widget pops up a jQuery window containing Facebook likebox as soon as a new visitor arrives. This plugin can be added to both Blogger Blogs and Wordpress. I am using here the same jQuery effect introduced by sidhart in JQuery Popup Just Like Aweber Subscription Form. Lightbox effects like this one can be widely seen on many blogs now. It will help you increase your Facebook Fans greatly and our previous version will surely increase the number of your RSS subscribers. In my next tutorials I will make sure to make it more interactive with social media links and a complete version with everything you may need.


Mashable Sharing Widget For Blogger

mashable sharing widget

The great social media blog Mashable is always an inspiration in whatever they do. I came across a great wordpress plugin created by inspiredmagz and they named it as mashable social bar. We downloaded their plugin and converted it to a blogger compatible form. We also managed to solve its compatibility issues for IE and further strengthened its HTML structure. This widget can now be used in every blogspot blog just with an extremely easy installation step. As you can see this widget contains links to your Facebook Fan page, Google+ page and recommendation button, twitter follow button, RSS and LinkedIn links and most importantly an attractive subscription form that will further increase the number of your Email subscribers. The conversion didn't took me very long and I am pleased to present it to all of you. Kindly see a demo first:


Happy New Year With Warm Wishes - What We achieved in 2011?

happy new year 2012

Wishing you all a happy new year and a splendid memorable year ahead. Can't believe how quickly time passes, with every blink of a eye time changes colors. Every new year brings surprises with it and every human has his own reserved portion. I just hope the coming happenings should bring love, serenity, success and joy for all of you. Year 2011 was the toughest year for me keeping in view both my family and career. I lost a gem, but at the same time I grew more responsible and thankful for everything around. I learnt to respect and love my dear ones around. I learnt to give first priority to family, second to career and third to friends because everyone respects an established companion so make sure dear brothers that you are not wasting your precious time and remain busy with your struggle for survival.