How To Make a Mobile Version Of a Blog?

UPDATE:- Blogger has recently Added the Mobile Version Support. Make a mobile version of your blogger blogs now by clicking this link.

mobilize-blogger blogPeople are just now beginning to understand that there is another option for monetizing their websites. There is the mobile option that they are probably lagging behind in.

Consider for a moment just how many people have cell phones today. Smart phones, IPhones, Tablets and such are all taking our communications to the next level. People use these devices everyday for simple things like communication and for a variety of other things like finding information that they need via the Internet. The funny thing is that they say that by the year 2012, there are going to be more phone connected to the Internet than actual computers. Think about that for a minute. Right now there is on average one phone per person per household in comparison to only one computer per household.


Mobile Version Of MY Blogger Tricks

It is said that Google activates over 350,000 Android devices each day. That is not surprising considering most people use their phones for much more than just phone calls these days. Now that you are starting to realize how many people there are searching for something on the Internet via their cell phones, you are probably beginning to understand why a mobile website is so important. Normal websites just do not display very well on a hand held device. Besides, what good is having a website that most devices can not access?

A place like the Mobile Site Maker is invaluable because they can help you with your mobile website, especially since you probably have no idea where to start. In fact, getting a mobile website up and running is as simple as it gets. It does not matter what sort of mobile website you need. can help you realize your mobile website plans in very little time at all, no matter how big or small it may be. They will also help you monetize that site with Google Adsense or other advertising. They will use their own popular mobile site to launch yours as well thereby driving traffic to it in no time! With a 30-day free trial and only $9 per month for the standard plan (that's less than $ 0.50 US per Day) to create and monetize your mobile site, you can't go wrong! Other sites charge an arm and a leg for lesser services! You simply can not beat their prices and services!

They also offer a variety of different service plans for those customer that wish to get a little more. Remember, it does not matter how small or how large your operation is. Once your mobile site is up and running you can just let it go on autopilot and make money for you even while you sleep!

The sample Video below will further help you better understand how its done.



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Gmbhnews Mobile Service is a mobile site creation and monetization service that makes it very easy for publishers to create and monetize mobile versions of their websites in less than 60 seconds. Christina Clark Co-founder of mobile portal and mobile services Blogger at

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  1. okk so blogger has got mobile templates which can be used to make the sie mobile friendly too so why waste your money just for some arounfd 3-4$ a month from adsense ........wat do you think and about getting more traffic then only those who visit your site from pc will visit it even from their cellphone while others who dont know the link wont....and the traffic you get would be not much ..

  2. Hello Siddhesh,Christina here,
    thanks for your feedback, well you can use blogger template to create your mobile site, the difference here with us, you indeed get additional traffic with us from search engines, we made our platform really easy to use and you can monetize your mobile traffic with custom advertisement (not only adsense), you can also use a custom domain and a custom header banner, what makes your mobile site more personal, and not just like all mobile sites, and well, it's very cheap actually, when you gain more traction for your blog, well, you might want to give it a try, it's free for 30 days , with no obligations....I'm here, so if you have any questions, just shoot it my way, I'll do my best.

  3. Hello i have feel the form but i need free mobile site so what should i done?