Facebook and YouTube Banned in Pakistan For Promoting “Draw Mohammad Day” !!

Facebook-and-Youtube-Banned Never expected a leading social networking website like Facebook and a video casting blog like YouTube will take such un-professional steps in promoting anti-religious activities. Just few days ago a group at Facebook was formed called "Draw Mohammed Day" (i.e 20th May). The group encouraged a "contest" of drawing caricatures of Prophet Mohammed(PBUH). This group again outraged the Muslims worldwide and countries Like Pakistan have temporarily banned both Facebook and YouTube till 31st May. Upon the orders of Lahore High court the Pakistani Telecom Authority (PTA) immediately put a ban on these two websites. They have also banned browsing in in cell phones like black berry. On the other hand both Facebook and YouTube are facing major threats in terms of revenue, traffic and security. Servers of Facebook are continuously under threat by hackers from every corner of the world. Reports from several sources have proven that some Turkish hackers have badly damaged the Facebook servers and especially the website “Draw Mohammad Day”. Twitter has suffered too!

What’s New?

Today I have chosen such a topic because it is relevant to the category “Social Media” There are many important things that we will learn today. I am writing this post not because I am a Muslim who is outraged but as a Blogger who always promises to discuss what is important. In today’s tutorial we  will learn many things that will help you in taking good decisions when dealing a crowd in millions. For you as bloggers understanding your readers and their behavior must be among your first priorities.

How will “Draw Mohammad Day” effect Facebook’s reputation?

Just  imagine a website with PageRank 10, Alexa Rank 2.0 and with millions of unique visitors per day has lost its reputation in the eyes of approximately 47% of its traffic. There are 1.57 billion Followers of the religion ISLAM worldwide.  The second largest religion in the world. If we assume that only 50% of this population use social networks like Facebook then the traffic that Facebook receives from countries like Middle East, USA, North Africa, Asia will mount up to 785, 000, 000 visitors per day!!

I received many text messages and emails where Facebook’s revenue statistics were shared but most of them were almost difficult to be trusted when put to logic. I decided to do a simple calculation and tried my best to come as closer as possible to the daily, monthly and yearly revenue that Facebook generates from its Muslim visitors. Below I have shared a table where all data is my mere deduction and observation and slight research. Hope it will clarify many things.

FaceBook’s Estimated Revenue Chart 2010

(Earning through Muslim Visitors Only)

Worldwide 1.57 Billion 785 Million (estd.) 235.5 Million 2.36 Million 70.65 Million 0.85 Billion
Pakistan 180 Million 47 Million 14.1 Million 14,100 423,000 5.08 Million

Lets analyze the above table now:

World Wide Facebook Revenue Analysis 


I found it through Wikipedia that the over all population of Muslims in the world is 1.57 billion. Then I estimated that what will be the daily revenue earned by Facebook from Muslim visitors if suppose just 50% of this population use Internet (i.e 785 Million. I then assumed that 30% of the entire Muslim Internet users are Facebook users i.e 235.5 Million. Then I took 0.01$ as average cost received by Facebook for Pay Per Click(PPC) and Page Impressions. This has logic like advertisements in Facebook that are based on Life Insurance, Technology, Cell phones, Digital Camera’s by Sony and Canon, College and University and renown services and goods can pay up to 7-$25  for each click made by the user.

Note:- I took all amounts as minimum as possible while in fact Pay per click can mount up to $7-$75. Adword Keyword Tool by Google can be used to compare Adsense Paying scheme to that of Facebook’s

And of course not every visitor will click the ads so surely Facebook is not earning $7 or $25 from each and every visitor. Some ads can be as cheap as 0.001$ (PPC). So if we take $0.01 as an average for PPC then it is not a bad approximate. I multiplied 235.5 Million visitors by 0.001 to derive 2.36 Million US Dollars and this is the amount Facebook earns daily from all Muslim Visitors put together. Then Monthly and yearly amounts in the table were calculated by multiplying the daily income by 30 and 12 respectively. The yearly amount that come up is 847.8  Million US Dollars! And this is what I approximated as annual income earned by FaceBook from the Muslim Nation.

But can you just guess how much is Facebook earning yearly from all traffic put together? The answer is 15 Billion US dollars!! (Source –> Times Online ) So 0.85 Billion US Dollars from 1/3rd majority of the world is again not a bad approximation. In fact the earning from Muslim Nation can be far far greater than $0.85 Billion but this is calculated as minimum as possible for better assumption of FB’s revenue.

Pakistan’s Facebook Revenue Analysis


For Pakistan I adopted a more correct approach. From many sources I found out the 47 Million people in this country use Internet. I then let 30% of this population to be Facebook users i.e 14.1 Million. Since most of the visitors in Pakistan are usually normal surfers and browse more for fun so I estimated the average Pay Per Click to be as less as $0.001 i.e Ten times less than the International Muslim Internet Users. By doing the same calculation I came to an annual amount of 5.08 Million US Dollars! which again is a big amount but not as big as 15 Billion US Dollars! Since Pakistan has banned Facebook till May 31st, we can easily calculate that the average revenue loss to Facebook can go up to 155,100 US Dollars and of course this amount is no less than a peanut to Facebook’s Overall Daily revenue!

In what Possible ways can Facebook badly suffer?

If a developing country like Pakistan is causing just a loss of 155,100 US Dollars to Facebook which is almost negligible loss in the eyes of the Mega Social Media Giant then how come this bring a nightmare to Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook's 23-year-old chief executive). Well the story doesn’t just end here. Below I have shared some of the points which can badly effect Facebook’s reputation in Internet if you see them in long term and with a more broader approach.

Advertisement on any website depends on many factors like Number of Daily Unique visitors, Pageviews, PageRank and Alexa Rank.

  • There are a lot of Muslim Web masters and if they all start a campaign of removing the Facebook links from their websites or tagging them as nofollow then this can turn out to be a disaster for FB’s Search Engine Optimization(SEO) department. The PageRank 10 that Facebook has achieved after shedding a lot of sweat and tears can decrease to 7-8 with-in a month or two if web owners do start such a campaign.
  • Pakistani Nation Banned FaceBook till 31st May only and authorities at Pakistan have promised that they will discuss this act of FB in OIC and UNO too and if other Muslim Nations do agree to ban Facebook in their respective countries then advertisements from these Muslim countries will seize up!
  • If Facebook is banned in Middle East then this can cause a lose of approximately 1.1 Billion US dollars to Facebook because most of the ongoing world investment is done in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Persian Gulf.
  • Muslim visitors can remove their Alexa toolbar which can dramatically reduce FB’s Alexa ranking which is the second most significant ranking in terms of attracting advertisers after Google PageRank.
  • Further The company’s security can highly be threatened from Muslim hackers all over the world. Since past records have shown that Facebook has been abused and attacked several times and today under such crucial period the risk of hack attacks are even larger. If Chinese Hackers can hack Pentagon’s highly secure computers then why not Facebook?

In a nutshell if Facebook does not make quick and professional decisions in the coming days then from what we have deduced so far it can clearly be seen that it wont take long for this Giant Social Media Website to crumble to its knees and loose all advertisements, loyal visitors and customers.


If Mark has read this post then I am sure his mind would have blown off!

What are your views?

The publication of satirical cartoons of Mohammad (PBUH) has always hurt the sentiments of the 1.57 billion Muslims all over the world. Muslims believe in Prophet Mohammad as the last and final Prophet after the decent of Prophet Adam, Solomon, Abraham, Moses and Jesus (Peace Be Upon Them All). Depiction of the images of a Prophet is strictly prohibited in Islam and is considered as blasphemy. In Islam After Allah (God) Mohammad (PBUH) is considered as the highest authority and they consider him as a master, guider, preacher and love them more than their family. Do you think freedom of speech and expression means that you can humiliate even such scholars and personalities of highest eminent?

I request all my loyal readers and visitors to post their views and comments about this latest happening and about the stats and info shared in today’s article. Kindly also cast your votes below and let us all know what you think. God bless you all!

Do you support or do not support anti-religious activities like “Draw Mohammad Day”?


Creating Customized HTML Text Area Boxes

HTML-Text-Boxes Its really important to keep everything as attractive as possible while writing posts. Text Area boxes are a useful method of showing long bunch of text or code on your blog. Just last month I wrote two posts 25 Vertical Navigation Menus and 30 Horizontal Navigation Menus where I have used a lot of coding and all those coding were displayed inside fully customized text areas that made the post looked clean and neat. Text boxes are good only if there length and height is well controlled and today with this tutorial we will learn several ways of styling our default text areas.

Kindly see a demo first,


Live Demo






How to Customize the Text Area Box?

To do this follow the steps below,

  1. Go to Blogger > Layout > Edit HTML
  2. Search for </b:skin>
  3. And just above it paste the code below,

.mbt-textarea {
background: #fff;

font:12px arial;
border:1px dotted #289728; }

.mbt-textarea:hover {
border:2px solid #666;


     4.  Finally save your template!

How to show the Stylized Text Area Effect inside Blogger Posts?

To display this customized text area you only need to add the following code in the Edit HTML section of your Blogger Editor,

<textarea class="mbt-textarea" readonly="readonly">WRITE-TEXT-HERE</textarea>


Simply replace WRITE-TEXT-HERE with your text that you want to appear inside a box.

How to Customize The CSS of The Text Box?

If you wish to change the font, color or in short the entire look of the text box then you just need to edit the following areas in the CSS code above,

background: #fff; –> This Changes background color of the text area
width:400px; –> This changes width size of box
height:40px;  -> This changes box height

color:#666;  -> This changes font color inside text box
font:12px arial; –> This changes font size and font family respectively
border:1px dotted #289728; } –> This changes the border size, style (i.e dotted, solid, dashed) and color. Editing it will change the look of the border/outline across the text

.mbt-textarea:hover {
color:#289728; –> This changes font color on mouse hover
border:2px solid #666;  -> This changes border size, style and color on mouse hover

Now Simply edit the above codes as guided and create a perfectly suiting Text box for your beloved blogs. I hope it will be as interesting for most of you as it seems :> Do not hesitate to ask for any help if needed!