Submit Your Posts To 160 Social Bookmarking Sites At Once!! Plus Know The Dofollow Logic

Social-bookmarking-buttons With growing popularity and growth  of blogs, competition between blog authors is on its Peek. Every blogger would wish to submit his or her Posts to as many Social and Bookmarking sites as possible. But with growing number of blogs there is an increase in the number of these Social Bookmarking Sites. Submitting each of your new post to this huge number of social sites is almost impossible!. But thanks to Dsai I came to know of a  free web service like  you can easily submit your posts to up to 160 Social Bookmarking Sites at Once! You will only need to submit your URL, Post Title, Tags and description just once!  and there you get it submitted to  millions of audience out there waiting to credit you for your efforts.

This is what says,
Automatic Social Bookmarks Submitter

  • Over 160 popular social bookmarking sites are supported.
  • Social Submitter is ideal for SEO purposes. Social Submitter allows you rapidly increase indexation process and get trusted back links to your site. Submit Links to Social Bookmarking Websites Automatically!
  • Below is a screenshot of this amazing free service,
    Remember you can submit your posts to these services only if you sign up for an account to each of these social bookmarking sites else your post wont get submitted. After You click the start Posting button. The socialposter page will load up and you will then have to click at the links in blue entitled “Post” next to each bookmarking site of your choice . You must be logged  in to social sites of your choice like digg, technorati, twitter, facebook etc, in order to get your posts submitted.
    Update: The remaining portion of this post was written when I had no proper knowledge about SEO but after I completed my SEO training I came to know that making a blog a dofollow badly divides your PageRank amongst all those who come to comment and leave a link to your site. Moreover it turns a blog into a spam spot because people will comment on your blog using automated software in order to market their product. So kindly don’t follow what is written below. I am just keeping it as a record.
    Sorry for this portion of the post written out Ignorance
    One of the best thing I like about this website is that it shows a highly important information about a bookmarking site. Things like Google Page Rank, Alexa Ranking, and a DoFollow option. A Dofollow site or blog is one where comments can be crawled by search engine spiders. For example if you leave a comment in a Dofollow blog with good Pagerank, you are basically leaving a natural backlink at that site. Your link can than be crawled by Google spiders and your PageRank will increase tremendously! Similarly submitting your posts to Dofollow Social Bookmark services will  increase your PageRank and will bring you tones of traffic!
    By the way my blog is a Dofollow blog :D. Feel free to leave a backlink. You can identify a Dofollow blog by a “Dofollow Logo” Like these,
    My Dofollow Logo is a Personal One. You can see on my sidebar.dofollow
    To make your blog a Dofollow one simply Go to Layout > Edit HTML > Expand Widgets
    And search for
    <a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl' rel="nofollow">
    OR  this,
    expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl' rel="nofollow"
    Now simply delete rel="nofollow"  and your code will look like this,
    <a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl'>
    OR this
    Save your template. Alas! you turned your blog into a Dofollow blog.
    Turning your blog into a Dofollow one will increase Spam but at the same time it will bring you a flood of loyal visitors and high Google PageRank. I as a blogger love to comment on a blog which is a Dofollow one else leaving comments on nofollow blogs is useless!
    That’s All!

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    1. Thanks again, MOHD, great information. I am going to try the social poster site. That looks like a great idea. Don't understand the Do Follow idea but that is OK.

    2. Hi Marg!

      I am glad you liked the Social Poster site. As far as dofollow is concerned, let me explain it more clearly.

      By default all blogger blogs are nofollow which means that whenever some one leaves a comment at our blog their comments will not be crawled by search engines i.e Our comment discussion will not appear in google search results, when you search for something using or any other search engine.

      Since my blog is a dofollow one if some one types " Don't understand the Do Follow idea" in a search engine box , your comment will appear first among the search results {If I my blog achieves a good pageRank)

      Blogs which are nofollow meaning that their comment discussion can not appear in google search results are blogs where no one would like to comment. Especially not me :D

      I hope it is more clearer. I have shared the trick of making your blog a dofollow one

    3. I totally agree with you. Fight spam not blogs. I run a dofollow blog and yeah once in a while ill get a spam comment but hey, i'm a blogger i have lots of free time to go through the spam and sort out the real comments from the fake ones.

    4. Hey If you have the time you should also put up an article on the SEO toolbar for firefox. It is a really easy to use application that shows weather or not the links on a page are dofollow or nofollow. That's how I know which blogs to comment on, also because I have noticed the majority of so called do-follow blogs are actually no-follow.

    5. @Sellvis Useim Carn

      I agree too :D And yeh you are right being bloggers we are motivated to our work! Its our job to maintain our blogs so why fear Spam!

      @Dan - Local Auto Garages

      Well you are quite right that many so-called Dofollow blogs are actually No-follow. I am soon writing a post on how to identify Dofollow and nofollow blogs using a simple TNT. This trick would require no installation of any software or plugin or add-on. Thks for suggesting, I will let my readers to know about that SEo plugin too.

    6. Hi there,

      Lovely post and a great blog.
      Ithis is the first time i came to your blog (actually i was reffered by a friend from linkreferral to your blog for help), and let me tell you it was really worth visiting. I'll implement things that i learn from here to my blog Thanks a lot for this great share.


    7. @ BlogFunda

      You are always welcome here! :)
      Glad you liked the post and blog.

    8. @Free Cracked Softwares

      I appreciate your comments and visit but I would request you not to spam!

    9. Anup I guess you have troubleshooted yourself. I just checked your link in Google and it is surely appearing.

      I had written this post when I had not completed my studies in SEO field. But today with enough knowledge I will advise that making your blog a dofollow blog is equal to turning your blog into a spam spot and losing your pageRank tremendously.

      Please switch back to nofollow by adding the code that I asked to delete. This is my personal advise. I will update the post today.

    10. Before turning my blog to follow blog, My blog comes on the top of the search engines. But today there is no link to my blog to the front page:(.

      I will try it. It will be back when i blog change my blog to nofollow blog??

      Thank you.

    11. Thanks for your "dofollow". Is this campaign still running?

    12. nice post but its asked for login.. its a big problems,, means i have my own account in all sites... n my question is how to make my blog dofollow, i'm using wordpress selfhosted blog.

    13. Thanks for the tip, most of my backlinks are nofollow. It is so hard to find dofollow blogs, but they really make the difference. Bookmarking is about the only way I have found to get these backlinks.

    14. Thanks für sharing that info.

    15. Thank you for the wounderful illustration. very useful !!!!