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photobucket There are many image hosting web services in the internet that you can choose to upload your images but among all, PhotoBucket leads the row (According to me).

Though you can store your images with blogger and get their URLS and embedding code too as explained here but if you lose the URL it would be pretty difficult to find the image unless you search for hours in your Picasa web album where blogger saves your images. Moreover you can not easily delete unwanted uploaded images in blogger but you can do it with PhotoBucket.

Photobucket offers you,

  1. High storage space (up to 10,000 images)
  2. Image Hotlinking (URL for each of your images, if you type an image URL in your browser that specific image will open up)
  3. Image embedding (Provides you with a HTML code that if you paste in your post or sidebar will make the image appear)
  4. Slideshow with attractive effects for your photo album
  5. Upload a video! (Its not just an image hosting service but it can store your videos too)
  6. And a lot more!

This is what PhotoBucket says,

Join Us!

Keep all your pics and videos in one place - room for up to 10,000 photos and hours of video! For free. Share with everyone you know by email, IM or mobile phone. Make slideshows and mashups with music, special effects, captions, and more. Link to your profile, blog or website*. One-click posting, direct to your favorite sites. For free

By one click posting they mean, posting your images and videos directly at sites below,


How? see this,


So what are you looking for? Go create an account with PhotoBucket right now! Click here

Feel free to ask any related question in the comment box below.

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  1. @Daniel I visited that site and found many features lacking which are ,
    1. It includes advertisement with links it provides
    2. It uploads images very very slowly
    3. It does not provides direct image hot linking (Opens images in its on web page)
    4. No slideshow support
    5. No one click image posting supported to major sites like blogger
    6. No video uploading supported
    7. and So on. is a site for people not having any blog or website but when it comes to professional blogging Photobucket is the best image and video hosting site one can have.

    Thks for providing my readers with a suggestion.
    Keep visiting

  2. @Vitality

    Thks for reading the post.
    No doubt Frequent Updates make Photobucket an exceptional site

  3. @Gogia

    If you observe carefully, when you expand a post or enter an individual post, everything looks fine. The problem you are facing at the homepage is due to the "read more button" that you added somehow incorrectly. Moreover you are using the read more link according to blogger official's method. I would advise that you read this post and try removing that read more button. Things will change immediately and will get to normal.

  4. Thanks Mohammad

    I tried the same. But somehow it automatically got fixed and all blogs are looking fine.