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October 29, 2012

Eid Freebies: Download Two Free MBT eBooks!

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free eid freebiesEid Blessings and cheers to all MBT readers!  We are back with some Freebies! It has been observed that some of our very loyal and active blog members have been waiting for some new download resources on this EID so we have planned to make their weekend special with two freebies! We have been serving the bloggers’ community and blogosphere for years and we will continue to do so inshAllah and with your consistent support. It is great honor to know that newbies and the contemporaries often look at MBT and apply the tips and tricks shared here. This great feeling urged us to compile some very basic, briefly explained yet exceptionally important information with you all in the form of these e-books.

February 18, 2012

eBook Launched! Transforming Series Into eBook

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A few days back when I was surfing through internet and obviously this beloved blog of ours, the display bar above snatched my attention. With a mood of adding something into existing series, I clicked on Create and Sale E books. And the next moment I realized that there’s something missing. We can take it a step ahead by providing a demonstration of it. When I started working, I realized it is not that easy and there are a number of considerations that I should share with you all. And so I decided to compose this post.

Download "Create and Sale EBooks"  Now!
19 Pages EBook, Size: 660 kb

December 13, 2011

Simple Ways To Edit a PDF Document

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PDF Editing TRicksSeries 2 Completed!
Today’s post was aimed to describe miscellaneous features of PDF documents. When I started writing about it, I felt that I am too much inclined towards PDF format and as if am writing a review for it. I was wrong; I should give you the choice to decide what’s right for you rather than promoting PDF. Finally, I decided to find out some of the most common features available in almost all PDF creator tools and check if they are available in Microsoft Word or not, since MS Word is widely used for making documents.

How To Create HOT PDF Cover Pages?

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Create PDF Cover PagesIn our last post we promised that we will be guiding you about making cover pages for e-books. It’s time to fulfill our promise, so shall we begin? Most of us are already aware of the importance of having an excellent cover page be it a class assignment, a term report or any other full fledge document. In today’s world of advertisements, people go for the things which look most significant, which can make them stop. We have already discussed how to make an e-book. When you are done with the content of your e-book…you have worked hard, added each and every word carefully. Now you want to bring it in the market. This is the time you need to work for your cover page.

December 9, 2011

How to Merge Documents in PDF Format?

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MErge PDFAs we have mentioned earlier that we will present a series of PDF tricks, this post is a continual of that series. In our last post we have seen how to create PDF documents without using adobe acrobat. In today’s post, we will take a step ahead and see how we can merge two or more documents into a single document.  Since copy pasting in PDF documents is not very easy.

Create a PDF File in 4 Simple Ways!

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4 ways to create PDFWith the completion of our Series on "Make an ebook" We thought it would be more fun to learn simple and exciting new ways to create PDF Files. We will be fist discussing why you should use PDF and then we will list 4 best software tools that will help you create a PDF document. Whether you are thinking of creating an E-book for your blog readers or thinking of converting your important information in "read only" format then I guess you must know how to convert your text file into a PDF.

December 4, 2011

Make an eBook: Building An Auto Responder eBook Delivery System

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I recently published Make an eBook: Creating PDF and 3D Cover where we saw the ways by which we could bring our beloved eBook to the real world in the PDF format and giving it a physical look through a 3D ebook cover.

Making out a 3D cover image of our eBook can really shoot up its downloads as many people feel like getting something of the real world. Image is better than thousand words, remember? There was no use mentioned in the previous post regarding our 3D image that we made as that is the part of our today's post. This being the final post in the series of eBook creation, ill try to wrap up the subject, making it a final call of motion.

November 28, 2011

Make an eBook: Creating PDF and 3D Cover

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How to Make Ebook?
A couple of days back i shared a post in eBook series where we learned Creating killer Title/Content for your ebook. Today we are back to the exciting topic i.e creating eBook 3D covers and finally exporting it into PDF format.

PDF is the most famous sharing format for eBooks which is widely accepted on Macs and PCs. Many of us use PDF readers and are pretty comfortable with it. So its always a good idea to be in flow with the masses. So looking forward to that, we would see how exactly we should export our eBook that would rock the market. :)

November 20, 2011

Make an eBook: Creating Killer Title And Content HowTo?

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ebook reading
Okeh guys so i am back with the eBook series. I didn't wanted to over do it for you guys as its gets boring to read about the same thing over and over again. Right? So lets continue from where we left previously.  I posted Make an eBook: Creating Killer Title And Content Overview that gave out a general idea of making content for you eBook and how exactly you could give it a personnel touch so that it feels like an authoritative content.

You could find your way through the contents section after the jump break in case you missed out any of the previous post inline. So what are we up to today and how is today's post different from the previous? You have to get over the jump to reveal it :)

November 14, 2011

Make an eBook: Creating Killer Title And Content Overview

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create killer content
Okeh, so we have finally reached towards the heart of this series, that is to 'Make an eBook'. If you haven't checked out the 2 previous posts, you could read them out by surfing through the contents that i have created below.

Creating killer Title and Content is the back bone of any eBook. Yesterday we went through some techniques that could help us better build our content and choose the eBook title wisely.

November 13, 2011

November 12, 2011

Make an eBook: Beginners Guide To PDF eBook Building

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ebook formation
Most of the visitors are interested in building up their own eBooks, that could play wonders for them. Yup wonders. We hardly pay any attention to eBook marketing and how they can take our blog to a much higher level, within days.

So i planned a series of posts for you guys, that would enable you to finally make an eBook of your own. The series would includes:

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