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July 15, 2014

"hreflang" Annotation Debugging Feature In Google Webmaster Tools

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International language pages
Delivering your website's content in a multitude of languages can make it accessible to a wider range of audience. This can be done with help of the rel-alternate-hreflang annotation. This enables Google and other search engines to serve the correct language or regional version of pages to searchers which can lead to a better user-experience. Getting it right, however, can be a bit of a pain, which is why Google Webmasters Tools now has a feature for debugging hreflang annotations on your site.

May 15, 2014

Website Applications Fail to Load after HostGator PHP Upgrade - [FIX FOUND]

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PHP configuration Plugin by HostGatorHave your website PHP Contact Forms, Login Forms or similar applications stopped working after the recent PHP upgrade made by HostGator? If your answer is yes then today we will discuss the easiest way to counter this problem and fix all your PHP configuration issues. Hostgator often updates all your packages to keep your sites compatible with latest changes in server scripts and to offer better performance and security but sometimes such updates may cause your site applications to stop working. This problem is mostly encountered with Wordpress blogs and PHP forms on a site. This update is simply a change made to your site's .htaccess file. We will use the Plugin available at your HostGator Cpanel plugin called "PHP configuration Plugin" to view or modify your server's script configuration.

April 29, 2014

Remove all Structured Data Errors on your Blogs!

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Structured Data Errors improvement chartThis post is a confirmation to prove that the unique SEO method that we published last month to fix hatom errors has done us wonders and have solved all errors on webmasters for both our network blogs and our clients. Microformat markup errors are amongst the most complicated errors and fortunately we managed to find a fix for blogger blogs. We are now moving towards solving hatom errors in Wordpress blogs and will release that tutorial pretty soon. Please check below the screenshots to see the amazing drop in errors for missing:author , missing:updated and missing:entry-title fields:

April 2, 2014

Fix Structured Data hatom Errors in Blogger

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structured data errors

Last year we wrote a comprehensive post on understanding what Structured Data is and how it is used to better display your site on major search engine result pages. Today you will find the first tutorial of its kind for Blogger blogs where you will learn how to fix Structured Data errors in BlogSpot templates. In your webmaster tools' Search Appearance tab or while using Google rich snippets tool, you must have come across two or all of these famous microformat markup errors:

  1. Warning: Missing required field “entry-title
  2. Warning: Missing required field “updated
  3. Warning: Missing required hCard “author

Both wordpress and Blogger users are facing this trouble. We will be covering blogger troubleshoot guide today and will cover wordpress Genesis platform as soon as possible.

January 12, 2014

How To Analyze Google Webmaster Search Queries

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Google Webmaster Search Queries
The Search Queries feature in Google Webmaster Tools remains on of the most invaluable sources of information regarding the organic traffic that's coming to your site via Google Search, and how exactly is it ending up there. You can use the information provided to improve your site's visibility in search engines. We'll talk about this Search Queries feature in today's post, and how you can use it to analyze the search queries leading to your site.

December 16, 2013

How To Identify Smartphone Crawl Errors With Webmaster Tools?

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Identifying Smartphone Crawl Errors
Mobile devices are fast becoming the norm these days, and the need for a mobile-optimized version of any desktop website has finally been widely recognized. But in the wake of it all, you can still observe some 'smartphone-optimized' websites that are misconfigured in such a way that it often becomes hard for searches to find the information that they're looking for. This is usually caused by 404 errors, or irrelevant redirections that might be useful for desktop users, but not so much for mobile devices. This results in an overall bad user experience for your website. But now, thankfully in Google Webmaster Tools, you can use the expanded Crawl Errors feature to help identify pages on your sites that show these types of problems.

November 23, 2013

Easy Recovery For Sites Hacked With Spam or Malware

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Recover hacked sites with Google Webmaster Tools
One of the top few concerns of a webmaster is the ever-persistent sense of insecurity. No matter how secure your site is, there will always be loopholes providing malicious programs an entry into your system, and thus enabling them to inject spam or malware. In spite of all preventive measures, the best and most practical thing to do in such an event is to recover your site as fast as possible so that the effect of the attack is neutralized / minimized. And with Google Webmaster Tools, you can now take a step forward towards easier and faster website recovery.

September 13, 2013

Now Check Better Site Backlink Data in Webmaster Tools

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Better Backlink Data for Webmasters
Google Webmaster Tools is something that nearly every webmaster and blogger has been using for years. You're not a webmaster unless you know your way around Google Webmaster Tools, because it offers so many features, and shows so much data which I simply cannot imagine not having. One very important feature is the backlink profile for your website, with which you can find and repair your broken links for better user experience and SEO. Talking of which, Google has just improved this feature, which now provides enhanced backlink data - better than it did before.

September 5, 2013

Up to 90% Massive Drop in Google Search Traffic Worldwide [Case Study]

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Case Study on recent Google OutageLooks like Google is acting Cowboy again! Forums are getting crowded daily with questions related to a massive Organic Search traffic drop on sites world wide. Almost all sites are effected be it entertainment based, IT orientated, ecommerce or blogs ran on Wordpress and Blogger. All www domains have been seriously effected by Google with a 50%-90% Cruel Traffic penalty without any prior notice or announcement. Matt Cutts blog and his twitter profile are both deserted and there appears to be no updates on what exactly is happening. Webmasters around the world have been terribly hit by this biggest algorithmic change far bigger than Panda or Penguin. The interesting part to note is, Google blogs, forums and the company employees wont utter a word on what just happened on August 16 and August 21?  

Around half of our clients complained recently about a major drop in their traffic. Since we offer SEO consultancy, its our job to keep these sites well optimized. I was shocked with the figures I received from their Analytics reports. Far bigger surprise was when we noticed all blogs of STC Network being terribly effected with a tremendous loss in traffic for the past few weeks starting from August 16th. Based on the free available tools we have online, following are some reports presented as a brief Case Study that would prove that a major algorithmic change has surely occurred on Google's side which the company is neglecting to answer so far.

July 1, 2013

Add Twitter Cards to Blogger Correctly

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twitter cards for bloggerMost of you asked how do we add a "View/Hide Summary" link below our tweets. If you click the summary link it will expand and show the post description snippet, along with a thumbnail image, Page title and twitter account attribution. We achieved it by integrating "Twitter Summary Cards" with Blogger. Twitter card is not a new name because they were introduced last year and the reason we never talked about it was due to unavailability of custom XML tags in blogger code library. The image thumbnail tag provided by blogger is of small resolution i.e. 72 x 72 pixels and unfortunately Twitter still has problems fetching the thumbnail correctly. This made it difficult to implement twitter cards for blogger.

June 29, 2013

6 SEO Reasons Why you Should Stop Using Zemanta

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stop using zemantaRecently in Feb 2013 Blogger integrated Zemanta with Blogspot blogs. Zemanta is indeed a great editorial plugin that helps you to write blog posts easily but unfortunately all such automated blogging tools does not help you to write well Optimized Blog posts that could protect you from the latest Google Penguin 2.0 Penalty! Penguin 2.0 is written especially to kill spam and unnatural links.  Zemanta blogging Plugin as you will discover later in this post could badly impact the inbound and outbound link balance of your entire blog, if you are not well versed with SEO link attributes. 

June 20, 2013

AdSense Publisher Scorecard: Best Tips & Practices

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Adsense Scorecard optimization tipsAfter an interesting Hangout with AdSense Folks on 18th June at Google+, Susan Wojcicki announced about an interesting new feature called Publisher Scorecard that has been added to all AdSense accounts and the scorecard summary chart can be seen under the Home Tab. Scorecard is a tool that gives greater insights to Publishers to compare how well their Ad settings, Website load time and content is performing compared to other Publishers using AdSense as the contextual Ad network. It displays a summary of three important categories which includes Revenue Optimization, Site Health and Google+ button Integration. Each category is scored on a scale of 1-5 blue dots that indicate your performance rank or level. In today's tutorial we will learn every basic detail of this great scoring tool and will learn how to optimize our websites and blogs to increase the overall AdSense earning. Lets jump straight to this fun ride and make better money with AdSense!

March 17, 2013

Can Someone Steal Ownership of your Site in Webmaster Tools?

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Site ownership
For webmasters, verifying ownership of their website is very important, since it establishes an official connection between you and your website. It is one of the factors among many others that decides a site's trust. Every webmaster has to get his site verified in Google Webmaster Tools to help Google recognize ownership for that site, and provide some advanced tools to the webmaster. But there's one thing that might concern a few people regarding ownership. There are many blogs and websites where people who aren't the owners have access to the site's source code, at least the <body> part of a website. So what if someone adds a meta tag with the body tag and steals ownership of your website?

February 22, 2013

Google Explains How To Use Search Queries in Webmaster Tools

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Search Queries

Google Webmaster Tools is a great friend to bloggers and webmasters. It hosts a great many features, and provides a lot of help to both beginner, as well as advanced users. For example, the URL parameter customization tool helps optimize your URLs, you can use Google Webmaster Tools to get advanced index reporting, and so on. The list of features is long and distinguished. Have you ever wondered about what the Search Queries feature under 'Traffic' did in Webmaster Tools? You can use some of the information provided to improve your site. We'll talk about this Search Queries feature in today's post.

February 7, 2013

URL Redirection for Demo and Download Links in Blogger

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url redirection in bloggerLooks like every time we get a new project from university, we get a new idea to implement it on BlogSpot blogs. Last year we were given the task of developing a twitter clone social media network. We made extensive use of HTML Data-[content] attributes and this led us to create custom Iframes to redirect demo and download links in blogger. Most of twitter's user-interface objects are controlled using this parameter and jQuery built-in functions. We will use the exact same approach to control link redirection in blogger without the need for any web hosting account or complex web scripts. This Blogger plugin is indeed the first of its kind. We just hope this small effort proves useful for all Blogger users especially those who share download resources with their readers.

Update: Links will now also open in new tab. Problem fixed.

January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013 & Happy Surprises!

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imageA splendid and joyous Happy New Year to everyone! 2012's history chapter just got closed and the sun has now taken a new spin to open the new year's chapter. On behalf of entire STC Network (i.e. Raheem, Qasim, Nida, Bhavesh, Shams and Me!) I wish that this blessed new occasion may fill up your life with Happiness, bright Cheer and bring to you joy and Prosperity for the rest of the shiny blue days that follow. God bless you all throughout the new year buddies and may your incomplete dreams (if any) and goals in life get completed successfully this year and you may return home with a smile each single day. May you make abundance of sweet and loyal friends this year. The new future surely awaits you!

Update: Template Customization tutorial published

December 24, 2012

Wordpress 3.5 Upgrade Errors: Forgot to Backup?

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wordpress upgrade errorsWordpress version 3.5 recently got released and just like always, many webmasters are striking their heads against the wall due to newly introduced database errors. Wordpress emphasize greatly to backup your database before making any change but most often we forget to backup and click the Upgrade button in hurry- what follows next is a horrible nightmare for those who are not well versed with MySQL database management and error recognition. I recently got into the same trouble while updating our sister blog i.e. Smart Earning Methods.  I forgot to backup the database! Fortunately we receive schedule backups on our Email daily and this was no less than a blessing. The site I updated to WP 3.5, got messed up with plenty of Query errors all pointing to the plugin directory.

December 15, 2012

How to Help Google Webmasters Know if your Site is Hacked?

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website hacked labelThese days when online earning through blogs and websites is turning into one of the most appealing businesses, there are unavoidable risks of getting your website been hacked. How about malicious content been injected on your website, forcing your readers to never come back to pay a visit? The thought is itself awful, isn’t it? A good news is, Google has lately announced that it has some solutions for those webmasters who are the victim of website hacking.

As I have been saying in my previous posts, Google is smart enough to keep a track of everything, all the time and hence according to the new policies, the site that would be detected as a “hacked website” would be displayed with a warning message “This Site may be compromised”. This has been done to ensure safety of the users who might find the affected site in the search results and find themselves been overloaded with the malicious content.

October 24, 2012

If I quote another source, will I be penalized for duplicate content?

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As you all know, Google is pretty hard-up about duplicate content, now more than ever, because an awful lot of blogs and websites have started making money by blatantly copying material from other sources. This not only is unfair to the original source, it also jeopardizes the integrity of search results returned by Google. Hence the stringent TOS (Terms of Service). But what about adding quotations, or sentences/paragraphs quoted from other websites? It does classify as content copied directly from another website. So how does Google treat such content  and is it safe to include it on your website? Well, Google just released a video explaining how Google treats such content.

October 18, 2012

Use Google's Link Disavow Tool To Remove Bad Links

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Disavow Links

Yesterday, we talked about whether or not bad links on your site are worth deleting. The simple answer to the question was, you might as well do it, but it'll be better to adjust your website, rather than trying to bend it. If you've been manually penalized, then this step becomes more or less necessary. But what about the links to your website, which aren't in your control? Luckily, Google has now released a link Disavow tool, which will solve such problems. Quite simply, any unnatural links to your site can be disinherited, or 'disavowed', hence preventing Google from considering them.

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