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June 18, 2013

Top 10 Popular Bloggers from Nigeria – 2013

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top10 Popular Nigerian Bloggers Blogging is popular business in Nigeria, especially now that a lot of people have come to realize the great potential it holds for them. Bloggers now take the business of blogging as a fulltime business, and they are making a lot of money just like their counterparts in the rest parts of the world. With an estimated population size of 160 Million people and over 60 million internet users, you can rest assured that bloggers in Nigeria enjoy good traffic to their sites.

In this post, we shall be looking at the top 10 popular bloggers in Nigeria – 2013, and see what makes them thick. With bloggers in virtually every field you can imagine – blogging, marketing, small business, health, sports, celebrity, photography, relations, SEO, etc. Nigeria, for sure, is a competitive market and only the best get recognized both locally and internationally.

November 25, 2012

Show each Author Picture In Post Titles Dynamically

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Post Contributed by Hassam Ahmad Awan, a Gold Star MBT contributor and senior co-author. You can catch him always on his blog Bloggingehow

add author pictures beside blog titlesIts a pleasure for me to share one of a Blogger tweak that we managed to implement on recently that makes sure that every author's image is shown up beside their post titles, both on home and post pages. The dynamic tweak enables every individual authors in Blogger based blogs to get them selves showcased. Also as for readers, its a much satisfying thing to know the actual person behind the article. Its much easier to get your self related with the post. It will display author pics dynamically unlike the static way that Mohammad shared months ago which can be find here: Show Profile Avatars next to post titles.

October 10, 2012

4 Simple Steps to Create a Blog that attracts Clients

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This is a guest post by Ahmed Safwan of To Start Blogging.

blog that attracts clientsDo you want to get more clients that are willing to work with you? Do you want to make 10,000$+ monthly? Then you need to make a blog that can attract clients who pay you what you want. To do this, you need to follow the next 4 steps and you will soon make six figures from the internet every six months.

September 21, 2012

Is Blogging on a Celebrity a waste of time?

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A Guest Post by Haider Afridi from SkFanClub. One of our most dedicated loyal reader and gold star contributor. Presenting his success story.

When a new blogger decides to start blogging, the first thing which hits his mind is " Which Topic Should I Blog on?". Than he starts searching for the topics which suites him well. Every topic is successful indeed but it depends on the blogger that how he executes his topic through Blogging. Today i will discuss about Celebrity Blogging. I will share my story with you. With my experience i will try to help you on how to make a successful Celebrity Blog.
When i started blogging on a celebrity exact one year back, some Pro-Bloggers advised me to leave celebrity blogging as a celebrity blog does not have much scope. Well i continue blogging. I admit that a Top Class Celebrity Blog can never be compared to a Top Class Tech Blog but it does not means that a Celebrity blog is a complete failure.

August 28, 2012

'No Ordinary' Social Sharing & Subscription Widget

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no ordinary social sharing
This Social subscription widget is made with the aim of promoting and increasing traffic of your blog in various manners. It has the potential to boost your subscribers, Facebook fans and the widget can even make you viral on various social networks. Your readers will also get an opportunity to connect with you on your other networks and all these features are just in one widget in a compact and presentable manner. This widget has almost everything you will need to promote your blog and increase fans and readers. It has a subscribe box, share box, Facebook like box; what else you want? It can replace any other social buttons, widgets or plugins you are using on your blog.  Get ready to see the amazing beauty in action which will nurture your blog. 

August 23, 2012

How to Transfer Blogger To Wordpress?

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transfer blogger to wordpressWhenever, we think about the history of most productive Blogging platform the first word which clicks our mind is either WordPress or Blogger. Still lots of Well-known bloggers are in doldrums whether to select WordPress, or they should try their luck with Blogger. Blogger and WordPress have been competitors since an elongated period but in the meantime WordPress has developed tremendously, in spite of getting introduced before Blogger. Mohammad has covered lots of posts regarding avoiding Blogger to WordPress conversion but one should always know how to do something, so we may continue to make use of the resources. So in this article, we will cover How To Migrate Blogger to WordPress Blog without losing a single SERP Ranking or Page Rank Juice.

July 31, 2012

MyBlogGuest: Find Guest authors or Publish free Guest posts

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Blogging is becoming increasingly common these days, and every day, hundreds of new blogs are surfacing. It there's one thing that's for sure about blogging, it is that it's here to stay. All of these blogs have only one purpose: to get to the top of the food chain. And guest blogging is one of the most effective marketing strategy that can help them in getting there. It helps bloggers connect, and share content. Guest blogging can either refer to people writing for other blogs, or bloggers inviting other people to write for their blogs. For people interested in Guest Blogging, MyBlogGuest is a pretty nice community, where you can meet up with other bloggers and share your awesome content!

June 17, 2012

Choosing between Partnership & Sole Ownership?

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partnership or ownershipSetting up a business is not an easy task. You had to consider a number of issues that need to be addressed else you will end up in a confused state of mind and a failed effort. It is not the hard work only that pays; you should be smart enough as well to enjoy a just reward of your hard work. Contentment is a good thing, but working 24/7 and getting a little is foolishness. We do not want our potential entrepreneurs to be foolish and for the same reason we have shared some important tips that can help you manage your skills. Today, we will not add up anything into your skill set rather we would discuss the type of business you should choose and will convince you why you should go with our recommendation.

May 18, 2012

10 Crispy Tips To Write Optimized Blog Post Titles

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optimize your titleTitle is the most crucial part of a blog's overall structure. It can either construct or demolish our entire post. Selecting an ideal title may become complicated if we don’t concentrate on accurate strategies. Every blogger wants his post title to be enriched with rich keywords words so his readers can taste the sweetest part of the blog. Generally a post title represents whole content in small peace of words. A post title not only enhances our blog but also has some significance towards SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

May 3, 2012

How To Design and Create INFOGRAPHICS Yourself?

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BrainofaBloggersmallWe have shared an introduction to info-graphics sometime back. Today, we will have a better understanding about creating an info-graphics; answering queries like why is it difficult? What makes an info-graphic? What are the popular and professional tools available and what do people say about it. Are you ready for this mix plate? What are we waiting then? Follow up

April 24, 2012

How Guest Posting Can Boost Your Website Traffic?

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Guest Blogging

As the internet has grown over the past few years, so has blogging, and along with it, the concept of Guest blogging. Guest posting is becoming increasingly popular in this so-called "blogosphere". It is a very effective marketing strategy, and allows you to publicize your blog to places beyond your reach.

Guest posting means allowing others to come and write on your website or blog. In addition, it can also refer to you writing posts for other blogs. You can immediately see how this helps the host by reducing his workload. But why go through all the trouble of writing for someone else, when you won't be getting any immediate reward for your services? That's an irrelevant question to me. I'd rather ask, "Why not?", because there are so many benefits to guest posting that after reading all this, you might want to do it yourself.

April 21, 2012

Video Marketing Tips For Smart Bloggers - Drive Massive Traffic Plus Income!

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video marketing tipsAre you the one who has got strong visualizations? Do you find visualizing your thoughts more interesting as compared to articulating them? Are you the one who is more into background color, music and other video effects while watching a movie? To wrap up, are you a video freak? If yes, how many times have you thought to turn your freakiness into cash? If you have not given it a thought before; do it now! Because we are going to tell you the right ways that could satisfy your passion and drive you massive traffic and finally massive income through overwhelming ad impressions. All you need is to create videos and upload them smartly!

April 14, 2012

How to join Pinterest? Get Free Invite!

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how to join pinterestWe have shared with you what is pinterest and a few guidelines about setting up a page for promoting your blog through it. But, we have been informed that many of our readers are finding it difficult to create an account and customize this new born network so we have composed this guide for you all, to simplify your problem. Follow up and you will enjoy pinterest the way it deserves.

April 13, 2012

7 Hot Pinterest Tips To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog!

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pinterest traffic tipsThe basic principle of gaining control over anything is to understand it completely. And, this is the reason why we seek advice from experienced people. In our previous posts, we have introduced pinterest - the visual pin board .We also had a quick overview of its progress and the features offered. We have also provided you with a step by step guidance to create pin boards for your blogs. Now, when we are looking at Pinterest as our potential advertiser, it is important to have a detailed study on how it works before direct jumping and using it right away. Todays tutorial will share some basics that will help you drive more traffic to your websites and blogs through correct pins.

Facebook Desktop Messenger - Chat From Your Desktop!

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facebook desktop messengerFacebook has recently launched its chat messenger as a desktop application. It was initially leaked in December 2011 and was in testing process since January 2012.And finally you can have it now at your accounts. Its official link for download is not provided yet, but you can download it from other resources.

You don't need to chat from your browser anymore. Relax and chat right from your very own desktop with this latest Facebook Instant Messenger Tool.

April 11, 2012

"Pinterest" Step By Step Guide For Bloggers

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pinterest guide for bloggersYesterday, we introduced visual online pin-board; Pinterest. As it is a new social networking so we felt it important to write tutorials to explain and ease the use for you. Today, we will focus on how to present your blog in this sensational showcase. Taking MBT as our example, we have carved out the following layout for our blog. Allow us to explain you step by step.

April 9, 2012

What is Pinterest? How To Promote Your Blog With It?

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what is pinterest for bloggersA feeling of anger can be easily observed these days among the Facebook fans due to the launch of its new timeline layout and forceful replacement of old profiles with it. We are curious to find out and predict the future of Facebook. Will the lovers of Facebook stick to it or they would seek a replacement for it now? What are the other options available?
One option is quite obvious; Google+. But when we dug more, we found another potential competent. This competent was launched as closed beta version on March, 2010. Yes, I am talking about the online pin board i.e. "Pinterest".

April 5, 2012

Can't Undo Facebook Timeline For Fan Pages?

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Guest post by Rahmeen Ahmad Khan. She is MBT"s Gold Star Contributor

undo facebook timelineAfter introducing timeline profile design, facebook has successfully launched timeline for facebook fan pages. Facebook has officially replaced old layouts with the timeline on 30th March, 2012. This time line has been more controversial rather than sensational. So, we are going to dig out why is there so much disturbance regarding a layout and why we can’t undo, disable or remove Timeline. But, we don’t believe in criticism only so we will also find out what should be our next step.

March 30, 2012

Our aim: Turning Bloggers Into Entrepreneurs

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Guest post by Rahmeen Ahmad Khan. She is MBT"s Gold Star Contributor

Mybloggertricks logoWe are so pleased to display our new logo and present our new tagline "Turning Bloggers into Entrepreneurs" we really mean it. We have been in this field for three long years and we have now decided to experience something big now. Today we will find out how to incorporate the spirit of entrepreneurship in the blogging world. Most of the people are engaged in blogging for two main reasons; to make money or because they are passionate. Very few of them think ahead of it.

Note:- To watch Mohammad's Latest Video Presentation on How To Become Successful Entrepreneurs please click here

Add HelloBar To Blogger - Know its Benefits!

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 This post is written by Ahmed Safwan. MBT’s loyal reader. He has started a new blog at To Start Blogging.

add hellobar to bloggerThere are many sticky bars that are all over the internet also MBT have some amazing sticky bars widgets and I see many people welcomed it at MBT so I came today with another good site that provide a service to create an easy customized sticky bar with a lot of advantages and this bar is also used on most of the popular blogs . You can see statistics for it and even add your twitter and RSS FEEDS. So now before we continue you may like to see live demo.

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