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March 28, 2014

How To Monitor Your Facebook Page's Negative Feedback?

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Facebook Negative Feedback
Recently, we talked about the Facebook EdgeRank algorithm, and how it has evolved over time. Facebook values in a lot of quality factors, which collectively decide how many people can a post reach. A couple days ago, we talked about Negative Feedback, and how important it has become to Facebook. You might be doing every conceivable trick to grow your reach, but could still be losing it, as a result of being held down by negative feedback. Today, we'll talk about how to monitor negative feedback on your Facebook Page.

March 26, 2014

The Reason Why Facebook Pages Are Losing Reach?

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The Reason Why Facebook Pages Are Losing Reach?
Most of you already know that Facebook has evolved its EdgeRank algorithm over time, which means that Page admins need to have some tricks up their sleeves in order to get a higher reach. Facebook values in a lot of quality factors, which collectively decide how many people can a post reach. But did you know that Facebook is now heavily weighing in negative feedback for posts in order to rank them? Are you doing everything you can to grow your reach, but still losing your reach? We might have an answer.

March 2, 2014

How To Make The New Facebook Algorithm Work For Your Page?

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Increase your Facebook Page's Reach
Facebook, it seems, has taken out a leaf out of Google's books, and has started rolling updates to its EdgeRank algorithm - a scheme to rank content from Facebook pages based on a variety of different factors. Recently, many page admins have saw a significant drop in their total reach, and especially their organic reach. Organic reach is crucial for small businesses who don't have a vast budget for an extensive ad campaign. You can make this algorithm change to your advantage.

February 1, 2014

How To Add Facebook Invite Friends Button To Blogger?

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Add Facebook Invite Friends Button To Blogger
Social bookmarking buttons are very commonly seen on blogs, and there are any number of widgets that will give you a ton of all the common buttons, such as Facebook Like, Twitter Tweet, Google +1, and so on. The Facebook 'Invite Friends' button is different in the sense that it isn't a bookmarking button. It is something much more useful - it enables users easily refer certain content to their friends, and also helps bloggers with increasing their audience. Today's how-to is all about creating an 'Invite Friends' button, and adding it to your (Blogger) blog.

August 12, 2013

How To Delete Your Entire Facebook Search History

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Delete Facebook Search History
Ever searched Facebook to look up that someone special (or not so special for that matter)? Perhaps you just wanted to know when that person's birthday is, or maybe you're looking for an old, embarrassing photo of them. In any case, most people stalk others at one point or another, whether it's just a friend, or a long-time crush. You probably don't remember it (or won't admit it :P), but Facebook does. It keeps a record of your entire creepy search history. And although that history is safely hidden in your account with its privacy set to "Only me", you still never know when your friends might get into your account, which is something you definitely don't want! Here's how you can delete your entire Facebook search history to prevent yourself from embarrassment.

April 6, 2013

Facebook New API for Monitoring comment Replies

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Facebook Comments API
As you might have noticed, Facebook introduced threaded comments to posts on Fan Pages. And I must say, it was a long-awaited and much-needed feature indeed. It made conversations much more organized, and readable. But what if you wanted to integrate this functionality, and fetch & deliver comments and their replies from your page onto your website? If you're a developer, you'd know that you need an API for this sort of work. Fortunately, you are in luck, because Facebook just rolled out  a new update for its API for comments and replies on Facebook pages. Using this, you can monitor and respond to comments and replies on your Page.

January 28, 2013

Add Facebook Activity Feed Plugin To Blogger

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facebook activity feed for blogger

Aren't all BlogSpot blogs still missing this extra ordinary traffic boosting plugin? We just added Facebook activity feed plugin to our sidebar because nothing plays well in increasing a website's pageviews then Facebook's massive number of over 1 Billion registered users. This plugin displays posts and also recommends new stories which are liked by your visitor's friends. Thus it builds social engagement and attracts readers to dig into your website more to find out what their friends liked. If you are using Facebook recommendations bar in your sites then you will be pleased to know that this plugin also displays recommendations along with recent likes based on social activity made on your pages. Indeed a must to-add-widget from us to all of you who have not yet utilized this widget!

Lets add it to your blogger blogs in just few simple steps. The demo can be seen on our sidebar under the title "Hottest Now!"

October 9, 2012

Share Your DropBox Files On Facebook

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DropBox is one of the most popular cloud storage services available, and it has now teamed up with the most popular social networking website, Facebook, to bring its users one step closer to social integration. We had been hearing a lot about DropBox partnering with Facebook, but this has only now been implemented. As a result, DropBox and Facebook users will no longer have to upload files from their PC to share on their Facebook Groups. They can simply select the file(s) from their DropBox account, which will then be added to the Facebook Group. Easy, no? Let's see how this works out.

October 1, 2012

Remove deactivated Profiles from your Facebook friend list

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Remove deactivated Facebook profiles
Facebook might be the largest social network in action today, but it isn't without its flaws. A lot of changes made by Facebook seem to cause problems for the users, especially the ones made in 2012. First, the Timeline, then the ticker and the ability of friends to add you to groups without permission. Then there's this problem regarding deactivated and deleted profiles in your friend list. Since the changes made, people started to notice old profiles (and new) that had been deactivated in their friends list. Now this isn't a problem, but it sure clutters up your list and inflates your number of friends. You can easily find and delete these profiles from your list and clear up things.

September 30, 2012

Receive Facebook Notifications Outside Facebook Window

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How many of you spend your leisure time browsing through Facebook, and  waiting for notifications or messages from friends? I know many, if not most, of you people might. Facebook indeed is a great tool to stay in touch, and many people, like me, log on solely to communicate with their friends. But who has the time to wait on the Facebook site for their friends to appear, or to check their Facebook periodically? Using MyStatusBar, you can now get Facebook notifications outside the Facebook site, leaving you free to browse through the internet and do your work.

August 24, 2012

Keyboard Shortcuts For Popular Social Media Networks

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Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts
A lot of people use Social Media. It's a great way to stay connected with your friends and family. If you landed on this page through a search engine, or even otherwise, then chances are that you are an active social media user. Some people deal with social media many times a day. For such people, and even others who aren't as avid at social media, it could pay off to learn some keyboard shortcuts. Browsers have shortcut keys, and so do websites. While some people might prefer the mouse, others can browse through their social world more quickly and efficiently with the help of keyboard shortcut keys. Here are the most useful shortcut keys for the three most popular social media networks; Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.

July 7, 2012

Install Facebook Open Graph Redirect: Use Apps without installing them

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chrome extension as facebook open redirect
The world being going viral with the social media craze, its Facebook that has taken up the limelight all over again! Although Facebook has been enjoying its strong lead among all the Social Networks, there has always been something way too irritating about the site which most of us have had ignored till now. What happens most of the time when you try opening a link on your Facebook to use some application? All you have to do is to see your page redirecting to several locations where you are asked to accept the links that actually are for letting them access your information. Apart from security issues and frustrating, unwanted redirecting of pages, you soon find the entire process too time consuming, forcing you to simply quit the desire of using that application and find something else. Even if anyone of you has got a high patience level and continues with the process till the end, what he achieves for his endurance is automatic, irrelevant posting on his Timeline. If you have had been a victim of such situations, here is a good news for you!

July 3, 2012

Customize Facebook Chat: Change Font size & add emoticons

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Facebook Chatting in a new way

Since the day Facebook launched its Facebook Chat, many of us have been waiting for some improvements in the chat options but till now, Facebook provides no high level options to customize the chat. If you are a consistent Facebook user, you must be suffering at your end as well with the irritating Facebook Chat box that keeps on bugging you if you are online. This default chat box keeps on popping up. The worst part is the fact that you cannot move the box around, cannot minimize it for as long as you wish no options available to change size and fonts and most importantly, you cannot share emotions with the Facebook Chat. Many people, due to the mentioned reasons, hardly turn back to Facebook Chat as the primary Chatting platform and are force to look for other alternatives like Skype, Windows Live and Yahoo. its natural that maintaining several messengers at the same time can be too much irritating at times, where forgetting the password is a common practice.
In the month of April’12, Facebook introduced its Chat messenger, which is a disaster itself and the consumers hold mixed feelings for it. This messenger too, has no option to customize the font and the size as well as there is no reference of the contacts that are currently online.

June 30, 2012

How to Chat With Your Facebook Friends Using Skype?

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facebook video call on skype
Facebook is all about connecting with your friends. It might not be the best chatting client, but it is the largest database of people online, since around 901 million people use Facebook actively. Many of you might know about Skype. It is one of the best chatting and IM, and the best voice chat services in the world. It so happens that now, you can integrate the best chatting service in the world with the world's largest database of profiles, and you've got yourself a powerful recipe to connect with the people around you that you love. Yes! You can now use Skype to chat with your Facebook friends and video call them without visiting!

Add Facebook Recommendations Bar To Wordpress

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facebook recommendations bar for wordpressFacebook recommendations bar is spreading widely all over blogosphere. Both WordPress and blogger users are now enjoying a smart push in page views by engaging readers more on their site through this traffic boosting social plugin. Not only does it help to increase your pageviews and AdSense revenue but grows your Facebook fan following with additional likes. This plugin will display additional recommended articles to users as soon as a reader has finished reading the blog post or reached a specified location. The plugin floats to the right of your Wordpress blog, collapses on page load and expands as soon as the reader reaches end of post. It displays a post thumbnail image along with page title and number of likes. It previously included a "Add to timeline" button but now it has been removed and it shows only a like button. It has surely replaced plugins such as "Facebook Recommendations Box" and most importantly SimpleReach Slide which display related posts from within your site on a widget that slides at the bottom of the page. Lets add this plugin to Wordpress with extremely easy steps.

June 27, 2012

Add Facebook Recommendations Bar To Blogger

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Facebook Recommendations barFinally the plugin I had been waiting for since 22nd September 2011. In order to engage readers more and let your visitors spend more time on your website Facebook has finally launched the "Recommendations Bar" in beta version. It's designed to display additional recommended articles right after readers have finished reading an article or spent some time on your blog. It will collapse on page load and expand once a reader has reached a specific location on your blog or finished reading the post. Only those articles are displayed that are previously liked or shared on Facebook. The number of likes are displayed under each article along with page title and a thumbnail. It also contains a like button and previously contained an Add to Timeline button that has been removed now. Unlike Facebook Recommendations box which offered related stories but with lack of user friendly interface and engagement, Facebook bar will force readers to stay longer on your site leading to increased pageviews, page impressions and thus traffic. It's a smart alternative to Recommended Post Slides widgets that we previously published.

June 26, 2012

How to insert images in Facebook Chat box?

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insert images in Facebook Chat boxThe advent of Social Media has given a new scope when it comes to sharing emotions with loved ones. At this Stage where Social media, mainly Facebook, has taken the “must Have” status in our lives, it’s important to accept that no matter how great our love for Facebook is, it still provides limited features to its users when it comes to Facebook Chat. Now let us have a flashback of Windows Live Messenger. The chat there is what I call “an actual fun to have Chat”, where you can share images, use emotions, winks, can avail voice chat, etc. These days, when Facebook has taken up the entire Market in every way possible, Statistics show that the majority of the people have shifted from different chatting platforms to Facebook, neglecting the reality that the Facebook Chat holds no reference of sharing emotions ,Images, etc. We talked earlier in detail, how to give a new customized look to your Facebook Chat. However, what we didn’t discuss yet is the fact that you can insert images of your own choice in your Facebook Chat as well.

How to embed Facebook Video in Blogger or WordPress?

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Embed Facebook Videos

Videos are great. They are so much faster than words, and so much better than images. People watch and share videos all the time. It is estimated that on YouTube, approximately 2 billion videos are being watched every day! And while you can easily share YouTube videos and embed them anywhere on the web, the same can't be said of Facebook videos. Facebook is another large platform where millions videos are being watched and shared daily. But sadly, Facebook does not provide any embed codes for sharing a video on a blog.

That leaves us with a problem. Neither can you share a video that you like on your blog, nor can people, who are not on Facebook, see a video you want them to see. But don't worry. As always, there is a solution to almost every problem. And for this problem, there are two. So let's see how you can embed Facebook videos to share on your blog.

June 25, 2012

Receive Email notification when someone unfriend you on Facebook?

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Find out who unfriended you on Facebook

Have you even up some day and logged into Facebook to find that you're one friend short than you were yesterday? Some of you might not even notice this, but for others, it is a big deal. Before Facebook, people used to compete with each other on Google's Orkut for the most amount of scraps. Now, some people compete for friends (I did that too, once long ago :P). Competitions aside, every Facebook friend and fan is extremely important to marketers. While there's no shortage of people to befriend from Facebook's inventory of 901 million, it is important to retain the ones you already have.

These days, people tend to have friends in the hundreds. So if someone un-friends you, how would you know which of your 333 friends was it? Facebook doesn't send you any sort of notifications for this, nor do I think it ever has. So to track down that one deserter, you'll need a third party app called TwentyFeet. Now this app isn't like those scam apps we discussed in Facebook security tips, although there are some scams that will promise to track who unfriends you.

June 21, 2012

Facebook Music: Listen To Music With Your Friends While Chatting

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Music on Facebook
Facebook gives you a lot of features to socialize with your friends and family. It gives you latest news and updates about them, and also lets you interact with them and connect with them on a whole new level. It is said that music is one of the most powerful ways to connect with others. Be that as it may, music is also the most fun way to connect with your buddies. People enjoy music in real life when they are alone, but not as much as they enjoy it when they're with their friends. Since Facebook is all about sharing real life events, what if you could share your music-listening experiences with others as well? And we're not talking about posting YouTube links on your wall here.

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