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February 23, 2013

HostGator's Biggest February Discount - 35% OFF!

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It's our third continuous happy year since 2011 when we first hosted all sites of our network under the protection of this blue alligator. The reason what makes HostGator folks special is their great discount offers on special occasions. The coupon code that we received this month will give all MBT readers a straight 35% OFF on all shared hosting, reseller and dedicated server plans. To make it more simple, a 3 year standard registration of a hatchling plan will grant you a discount of over $62, $100 for baby plan and amazingly $163 discount for Business Pan. Registering directly from elsewhere would give you only 20% discount, therefore you still have over a week left to utilize this great opportunity to kick start a new online venture.
Note: Offer Expires on 28 FEB 00.00 US Time

November 11, 2012

Should You Keep A Parked Domain Before Website Launch?

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Are you thinking about launching a new website, or maybe a service or an online store? If yes, then chances are that you might want to take the initial phase of setting up a domain and website a bit more seriously than you'd ordinarily do. Ever opened a webpage, only to find that it is no where to be found on the internet? That's because there's nothing on that domain at present. Worse still is the parked domain page, advertising the hosting company, which makes you think you've finally landed onto an existing page, only to realize that it is no good either. So what sort impression do you want to give to people who know of your newly launched domain's existence, and would like to know more? Is parking the domain a sensible idea?

November 26, 2011

Why Buy a Domain For Blogger Blog From Godaddy?

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$7.49 .Com! Score SavingsWell, beginners often get confused when it comes to getting their own domains for their blog. Its far more easy than what i thought of, before having one for myself. As recently Blogger's Custom Domain Setup Process Simplified making it far more easy for the beginners to jump of this barrier.

Godaddy, that is the largest domain registrar in the world that provides hosting too. They are linked with Google Blogger when it comes to domain registration. You can buy a domain from your blog through Blogger settings >> Publishing options. The process would require you to add your credit card details. This is how you can get your domain from Blogger.

August 22, 2011

10+ Reasons Why you should buy a Custom Domain For Blogger

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why buy  blogger domain?We all take the first step in initiating some work or business but as we move on we often make many mistakes unwillingly. Most bloggers start their blogging careers by signing up for a free blog hosting Content management system like but most of them don't realize the disadvantages of using a subdomain.
When you start blogging with free sub domains. All people that know you get familiar with your blog through that subdomain. As time goes on your rankings increase and you attract a handsome traffic then you realize that you are not receiving sponsorship and neither are you earning. But when you finally decide to purchase a custom domain you get confused with several questions in mind. You start thinking whether or not you will loose your rankings, PageRank , Alexa etc. So to answer all these questions carefully read the following reasons that tell you why should you buy a custom domain as soon as possible.

1. Reputation in Blogosphere

Blogs with .com domain are naturally respected more than blogs with sub domains such as Link exchange with niche blogs or expanding your blogging circle is only possible when you join the .com club
Its feels really great when you share your Blog URL with your friends and family as opposed to the embarrassing lengthy BlogSpot domain :p

2. Most Advertising services do not accept subdomains

Services like buysellads do not accept subdomains which means that you are loosing 50% of revenue potential.

3. Fans & Subscribers Increase with Custom domains

People will follow you only when they know you offer something they don't have. But when they realize that you using a domain, they will take a not-so-good impression of your content and would not bother following someone who is himself a free Resource user. Most people take .com or .org domains as commercial websites ran by teams or group of people and often subscribe them and follow them via Twitter, Facebook or Google friend connect. The reason is simple your domain is enough evidence that you are taking your work serious by spending some money on the service that you use and you are not just another free monger.

4. People Will Share and Bookmark Your blog posts

After giving a first good impression, people then happily share your post with friends and family. They will confidently bookmark it and visit it often to gain more knowledge because they know the work comes from an authority. This is one reason why subdomains do not play well on social networks whilst blogs with custom domains get fair amount of traffic from networks such as Stumbleupon, Digg, Facebook and Twitter.

5. PageRank increase slowly With Subdomains

Using a blogspot domain means that the chances of getting more backlinks is minimum for you. I personally don't link subdomains because often these blogs are created on temporary basis and once they are deleted the link on our blog becomes a dead/broken link which can effect our blog ranking. Therefore web owners prefer not to link them and even if they link such blogs, you will always find a nofollow tag attached to it.

6. You just need to buy a domain and not the Hosting

When you purchase a domain for your blogger blog, you then don't need to do anything else. Just sit back and relax. Fortunately Blogger hosts all your blog posts for free at its server contrary to what Wordpress does. That's one of the biggest reasons why people like me prefer blogger over Wordpress.

7. Rankings will Speedup

As more and more people notice your blog and bookmark and share it, your ranking on SERPs which is search engine results page will increase. the more Diggs, Stumbles and Likes you receive the better you go higher but all these social favour is possible only when you own your branded domain and not a free one which discourages readership and content sharing.

8. PageRank will stabilize On next PR update

Most people having PageRank greater than 2 often don't go for domain change because they fear that they will loose their PageRank. No doubt its true but you loose it only at temporary basis. Once Google robots locate all your redirected links, your rankings will be granted back to you on next PageRank update. My PR dropped to zero from 2 when I changed my domain but just after three months on next PR update cycle I got back the rank I owned.

9. You can Grow your business

Once your blog attracts traffic and readership, you can then offer guest posting, product reviews, sale banners, and earn day and night. Sponsors will advertise at platforms where they find quality traffic. Subdomain holders are always underestimated even if they have a plausible traffic strength.

10. It Costs Less Than $10 To Buy a domain!

UPDATE: Now you can buy a domain as low as $7.5 from Godaddy!  Read this post -> Blogger Domain Settings Simplified.

We spend so much on our stomach buy fast food stuff, spending around $50-$100 weekly. Can't we spare just $7-8 per year for an online business? I would not exaggerate this point any further.

What are you thinking now?

I have explained as much as I could with my limited scope of knowledge trying to prove the advantages of buying a custom domain as soon as possible. I wish that you may start a happy business online and may become a valuable input to the online media. You just need some hard work at initial stage and then work online will be no less than a fun. Happy blogging buddies. :))
You must be thinking how to buy a domain? This question will be answered on my next post. Kindly stay tuned.

What is Custom Blogger Domain and Blogger Subdomain?

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custom domain bloggerIt is now important that you learn some basics in becoming a more established blogger in order to take your blogging career to the next level. People often use the free blog hosting service provided by Google blogger for 1-2 years and then they realize that they must change the irritating long Blogger subdomain into a professional looking custom domain. This week I will be focusing more on domain registration, DNS settings and the pros and cons of domain hosting. This post today gives brief knowledge of what exactly do people mean by custom and subdomains.

What is a Custom domain?

A domain is the web address of your blog or website. You are viewing this blog because you accessed it by typing the following URL in your browser,
A domain can end with any suffix such as  .com, .net or  .org etc.  Your Blog domain is your blog URL, the link that brings visitors and search engine robots to your blog.

What is a Sub Domain and Custom Domain?

Sub Domain:
A subdomain as the name itself says is a sub part of a domain. For example is the main domain for Google but since Google+ is a sub part of the services provided by Google then its web address takes the name
Similar your free blogger blog is a service provided by Blogger and when you create a blog using their platform they attach their trademark in the form of a sub domain to your blog Name. If your blog title is named XYZ then it will appear like this,
If you are using a WordPress blog platform then it appears like the following,
Custom Domain:
A custom domain is your personally owned web URL that is your property and does not belongs to someone else or is a sub part of another service. When I purchased the MBT domain all my were replaced with .com. This in other words means domain redirection. I just need to pay less than $10 per year for the domain hosting charges and that's all I pay from my pockets. All my files are stored for free at blogger.
Now the question is how to remove the or subdomain names from your blog and get a full fresh branded custom domain of your own? The answer is simple buy a domain from a good web hosting company. Read the next part of the tutorial to know why.

 Good News
UPDATE: Now you can buy a domain as low as $7.5 from Godaddy!  Read complete details on this post -> Blogger Domain Settings Simplified.

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