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February 8, 2014

What are Enclosure Links in Blogger and How to add them?

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Enclosure Links in Blogger
Do you have a Blogger blog and run, or want to run a regular podcast? Well you're in luck, because Blogger makes distributing your podcast very easy. You can use a blog post on your Google Blogger blog to deliver your podcast through an RSS feed. This is done by using Enclosure links, a lesser known feature that has been around for quite some time. In this post, we'll talk about enclosure links in Blogger, and how to enable and use them.

March 1, 2013

HootSuite For Blogger - Install the App Now!

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Connect Blogger to HootSuite
Probably one of the best things about blogging in this age has to be the level of automation you can get nowadays. Long gone are the days when you even had to add html styles in your posts by hand. It is amazing how easy things have become today. You might already be familiar with social media automation, and how you can cross-publish your posts across multiple platforms. HootSuite is one application that's pretty well known in this regard. Well, now there's good news for bloggers! HootSuite has finally been integrated with Blogger! Now, you can automate the whole blog posting process right from where you manage your social media!

June 28, 2012

Blogger introduced Permalink option to create custom URLs

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Update: This feature has now been added to all blogs. You will find it on also. Blogger Permalink settingsIts indeed one of the most awaited SEO development for all blogger users. Blogger users can now write custom URLs for their posts using Blogger in draft. You will now find a permalink option in post editor if you log into Blogger account using and not This option would let you create custom permalinks for your blogger posts. Permalink or "permanent link"  in layman terms is the URL that appears in your browser address bar. Previously blogger would automatically create a 35-40 Characters long permalink after you published a post and most often the keywords picked were not SEO friendly and made no sense but now you can create a custom URL with as many rich keywords as you want with complete control over the structure. I must tell you its one of the best features introduced after the Search Preferences which offered control over Meta Tags, redirects, and 404 error page. It gives you many benefits like more ranking power and better click through rates in SERPs.

May 24, 2012

How to Show Adsense Ads in Dynamic Views?

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adsense-in-dynamic-viewsDynamic Views are 7 different flavors of interactive layouts that blogger introduced last year. The team is working hard to introduce new widgets and features that may support Dynamic Views (DV) Templates. In today's tutorial we will learn how to integrate Adsense Ad units inside these templates. Ad units which are supported at present are 728 X 90 Leaderboard and 160 x 1600 wide skyscraper. Both these ad formats are high performance Ads which gives impressive returns because the click through rate for them is high.  Since HTML/JavaScript can not be used yet in Dynamic views therefore if you try to embed AdSense Code into your layout you wont be able to see any ads on the blog. There is a dynamic approach required in order to display ads on your blog posts. Lets get to work now!

May 19, 2012

30 Free Web Tools To Create Favicon For Your Website

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Create your own favicon
Every big website has an icon or image associated with it. This is what makes the website unique and gives it its identity. Look at Facebook. It has the 'f' icon, which is immediately recognizable. Google has the 'g' icon, and so on. These icons are displayed on browser tabs right next to the page title, and are known as favicons. In essence, these favicons are a means of branding your blog. Every blog or website needs to have a brand. Without a brand, a blog has no credibility. It's a small, but essential step you need to take. In fact, it is one of the first steps you need to take when you start a blog or website.

April 2, 2012

Settings For "Custom Robots Tags" Inside Post Editor

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custom robots tags in bloggerBlogger just added Custom robots header tags to post editor. One of the features of search preferences was robots.txt and Robots tags which could be set only for homepage, archives, posts and pages. But now you can edit these settings even for individual posts and pages right from BlogSpot post editor. Unlike Meta Description, Custom Robots Header tags are not visible and are not shown if you try to check  it by viewing the browser source file for your blog. You will only see Meta Description if you have added the dynamic code. We will learn today where are robots tags added in your templates and how can you view them. Lets first find and locate these Robots header tags.


March 28, 2012

Blogger Interface Upgraded! - Switch Back To Old Interface

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blogger upgraded interfaceAll BlogSpot blogs will be automatically upgraded to the new blogger look so that it may blend other Google Products. With the introduction of Google Plus , developers at Google have given the same design and look to every Google service to keep things simple. The current interface at will now be officially launched at from First April 2012 onwards. This upgraded interface has many new features and is a lot faster. All your favorite blogging actions now have several shortcuts thus making your blogging experience even more worthwhile. We will also learn how to turn back to old blogger look or switching back to old user interface. Lets have a quick look at some of the important changes.

March 24, 2012

Settings For Blogger 404 Error Page, Redirects and Meta Tags!

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blogger seo settingsIts big, its exciting and its worth an applause! Blogger finally introduced the most awaited SEO features for Google hosted BlogSpot blogs. Blogger Team is trying every possible effort to get closer to its biggest competitor Wordpress in terms of development. Its believed that BlogSpot blogs are not well optimized due to limited Search Engine optimization features but with the introduction of Meta Description for individual posts, custom redirection for broken links, nofollow attribute, 404 error pages, custom robots.txt and robot header tags features, blogger surprised almost everyone today. The problem of wrong post description appearing in social networks like Facebook and Google+ will all be solved thanks to Meta Tags for posts and pages. We will look into each feature one by one so that you may understand clearly the importance of these technical SEO terms.

March 1, 2012

Dynamic Views Gadgets Officially Released!

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gadgets for blogger dynamic viewsSix extremely beautiful dock style gadgets have been introduced for blogger dynamic views which are a set of templates first launched on  September 20111, with interactive user interface that provides a user with a complete different experience in variety of new ways.  Its built with the latest in web technology (AJAX, HTML5 and CSS3). The widgets display in a different format. Instead of occupying a space at your sidebar, the widgets appear in a dock that slides in and out when a visitor hovers mouse cursor on it. Lets take a tour of dynamic views new added factory tools!



February 25, 2012

Launching Download Page - No More Waiting!

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blogger download zoneMBT resources from blogger templates till social networking icons, read more buttons, navigation buttons, feedback buttons, Facebook custom tabs, fonts, web2 icons and a lot more were restricted to subscribers only, but since due to growing readership serving each download request was becoming difficult therefore in order to provide you all with a more flexible access to all our goodies and blog related buttons and icons, we designed a separate download page where you can download anything you want just with a click of a mouse.

December 11, 2011

Rounded Corners Generator

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rounded corners generatorThe widget below automatically turns the square edges of your image into rounded corners. The rounder corner pixel size can easily be adjusted. Once you submit the image, you will be taken to next window where you can set border radius size along with image quality and background colours. You can choose to set a background or keep the background transparent. You can also choose which of the four borders you wish to be curved and which should be left as default. You can either upload the image, photo or picture from your computer or you can enter the Image direct link/URL.

November 29, 2011

Tiny Music Player For Blogger

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I recently posted a tutorial to Embed Free OutStanding Music Player To Your Blog - Dewplayer. Many of you liked the idea of embedding the music player to your blogs so here it is another Tiny Music player for your blogs.

The major difference between the Dewplayer and this one is its size. Its Tiny! How small can you think of a music player to be? The real beauty of this music player is the fact that how easy it is to configure for your blog. It wont take more than 30 seconds to tick the check boxes (the options that you want) and the code would be ready.

November 23, 2011

Embed Free OutStanding Music Player To Your Blog - Dewplayer

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dewplayer for blogger music
Many people love to embed music players on their blogs, specially beginners. Indeed adding music to blogs is one of the highly searched queries on Google now days. There are various ways by which we can embed different music players on our Blogger blogs. The music player mentioned below is indeed on of my favorite and i love its clean look and easy installation method . And the best part is that they are free to use, but not for sale. So lets start out with our exciting list.

November 21, 2011

Blogger's Custom Domain Setup Process Simplified

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Its a new update by Blogger on its custom domain part. Some time ago here on MBT, you read 10+ Reasons Why you should buy a Custom Domain For Blogger. Having a custom domain have many advantages and would best suite you if you are serious about your blogging career and take it just not as a hobby but as a business.

And for that you should be knowing What is Custom Blogger Domain and Blogger Subdomain? if you are interested in getting a domain through Blogger its self. To briefly explain, you can convert your blogspot domain name to a custom one like ( through Blogger, which is linked with Godady hosting service (which also provides domains). Though you can always use your own domain name that you have bought from any other domain registrar.

October 21, 2011

Add nRelate Below Every Blogger Post Pages—Walk Through

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nRelate logo
Yesterday i posted a comparison between nRelate and LinkWithin related post widgets. Today we will be looking into few easy steps by which we can add this cool plugin to our Blogger blogs by following these few steps.

As i mentioned yesterday, that you can install the plugin without registering to nRelate website, but the draw back would be that you wont  be able to customize the widget as per your liking. So follow the steps below including registration.

June 12, 2011

How To Post HTML Code In Blogger Comments Form?

PS: This Post is an experiment and not a new one
While writing tutorials or asking a question, sometimes it becomes very necessary to post html and javascript codes in your blog comment forms powered by Blogger. You have seen many authors posting HTML effectively but when some of you try to do it, you get an error. This is because Blogger Comment form doesn't support direct posting of HTML and JavaScript. In order to help you to do that we will need to change/encode the same code into a text and then post it effectively without any error. The Tool below will help you to change HTML characters to simple text, which could be easily inserted in your blogger template and comment form. You can also use it to convert your adsense code into an embeddable form. It converts special characters in this way,

June 11, 2011

Spread The Word

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Spread our WordWith over 19,000 regular readers, hundreds of tutorials and thousands of answered queries Alhamdulillah, its now our kind request from all our beloved readers, contributors and motivators to spread the knowledge as far as they can so that everyone could learn what you are learning at the moment.  Sharing knowledge is indeed better then preserving it. Whatever help that we have provided so far and will keep on providing is free of charge. From templates, widgets, CSS/HTML tutorials to buttons, icons and tons of other blogger resources, all available for free and will remain at your service forever. If our tutorials have helped you a little in making you a better blogger then kindly spread our word to your readers, friends and all those close ones who deserve to know what you know now.
We have shared different Ad formats that will blend perfectly in your blogs. All banners are in PNG format so they will suit any background. Simply copy the codes given below each banner and paste it in your HTML/JavaScript widgets.

125 by 125 Banner

125 by 125 banner
<a href="" ><img  border="0" src='' alt="Blogger Widgets" title="Blogger Widgets"/></a>

<a href="" ><img alt="Make Money Blogging!" border="0" src="" /></a>
125 by 125 banner
<a href="" ><img  border="0" src='' alt="Blogger Widgets" title="Blogger Widgets"/></a>
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300 by 250 Banner

300 by 250 banner

<a href="" ><img  border="0" src="" alt="Blogger Widgets" title="Blogger Widgets"/></a>

468 by 60 Banner

468 by 60 banner

<a href="" ><img  border="0" src='' alt="Blogger Widgets" title="Blogger Widgets"/></a>
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Tiny Button

tiny button
PS: GIF. Those who previously added this button to their blogs may kindly use this updated code.
<a href="" ><img  border="0" src='' alt="Blogger Widgets" title="Blogger Widgets"/></a>

tiny button
<a href="" ><img  border="0" src="" alt="Blogger Widgets" title="Blogger Widgets"/></a>

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