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December 13, 2013

4 Years Bachelor's Journey Finally ends!

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Convocation DayBrothers and sisters at the end of every semester, you often found me screaming "Exams over!" but this time I would say "It's all over! no more exams ever in my life!" :-) I am just done with the longest academic journey of my life and that was surely the most hardest yet a memorable one. I have completed my bachelor's study in "Computer & Information System Engineering" and once granted a degree in February 2014, it would add an extension to my current signature i.e. Engr. I am extremely gladful to greet you all again with a new zeal and energy. I had almost stopped blogging this year due to hectic study schedules and the final year project which is no less than a nightmare for every engineer as you would discover with the surprise post tomorrow.

Let me share some beautiful memories of university life with all of you for I consider you guys no less than a family and later I will let you know about MBT's new year gift that will surely be the biggest ever from us.

September 22, 2013

Launching our Fourth Mega Project - !

36 Comments so far - Cut your links!With, bitly and TinyURL serving Billions of redirects per month, we thought why not try our development skills to create a system that could at least take out some portion of the URL Shortening Service Market and offer some more exciting & unique features to web users. With the efforts we put in, we succeeded in building a Web tool utility that is now serving over 2 Million redirects per month just within one month of its initial launch! Due to a massive traffic flow, our Linux servers crashed a multiple times, forcing us to upgrade our Private Dedicated servers. Since we always market a project before revealing it to our blog readers, we believe it's the right time to unveil STC Network's 4th Mega Project entitled "" is soon going to be the biggest Link Cutter Service which allows you to easily Create, Customize, Password Protect and Safely share your long-lengthy URLs like never before! We have got widgets, Developer API and Browser extensions for you! You can now hide your affiliate links, beautify links in your power-point presentation slides, forums, emails, Mobile SMS and safely share them anywhere you like. The system can be used for any purpose as long as it complies with our TOS.

The service offers some extremely exciting features for Registered Users which are worth trying out for free. Lets take a quick tour of all the great features offers.

June 25, 2013

Launching our 3rd Successful Blog!

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Rich Income Ways blog LaunchIts 25th of June and the right time to unveil a new hatched egg in front of you all. The third successful blog of STC Network . We named it Rich Income Ways! Thanks to God and your consistent support, feedback and needed motivation, we are able to launch our third Major Blog project which would aim at introducing new faces in Blogosphere, Freelancing communities and Online Business Industry. This blog is indifferent in niche to our second blog Smart Earning Methods. The major difference is that we could not openly share luxury, lifestyle and success stories of existing entrepreneur and Internet Marketing giants on our Second Sister blog (which is under maintenance) and to fill up this gap we needed a more broader and fresher Domain  where we could openly talk on these trending stories.  Visit Now!

May 20, 2013

Exams Over! Celebrating Over 58,000 Readers

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hurray Exams are over!Its tough being a final year B.E student and yet running blogs. Exams for some may sound horrible but it means a complete two months deadlock to my online activities. I just can't express how great I am feeling at this moment, talking to you after several weeks. It felt more like missing my great family and friends. Internet and technology waits for no one, during my absence I observed tremendous developments across major platforms from Blogger till social Media. I was shocked today when I saw the new layout of Google+ Profiles. Changes are going fast at Google side. Amazingly they have even integrated their comment Plugin with BlogSpot blogs. But what amazed me more was looking at STC Network's two months traffic Analytics and Ranking Details. Unfortunately Alexa for MBT has dropped from 4K to 6K but the good news is that readership has taken a whole new turn out. We are now a big community Alhamdulillah with a loyal readership of over 58,800 Readers  which is indeed a great news for all MBT readers and the team.

January 11, 2013

Looks like I am No More Single! :)

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mohammad finally engagedI was 18 years of age when I stepped into online business and then the kind community here never let me look back for a second. I am not sure how many memories have we cherished together, to make this happy journey more favorable, lets add a new memory to our diary. Its 10th of January, YEAR 2013, and I am pleased to make it official that "I am happily tied now! ;)" Looks like the promise I made during the presentation at PACC got fulfilled today evening.  A big party awaits you all and I am  thankful to God Almighty that I could share yet another precious occasion of my life with you all. Love you buddies always and forever! Thanks for turning this normal kid into a normal Man. :)

December 2, 2012

The Terrible Exams are Finally Over!

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Exams are over!It feels like someone has dragged me out of a big mountain. I feel like I am literally breathing again! I called it terrible because they really were terrible! :p I am pursuing B.E in Computer and Information System Engineering and just attended exams of 6th semester, 2 more semesters to go after which (Graduation) I would have enough time to groom STC Network. As a student its tough to look after an online business which demands both time and care. Working online today with an increasing competition and rapidly changing moods of online traffic, you can not let your blogs run on auto-pilot mode even if it is managed by your employees. Exams for me mean a complete 40 days ban on all online activities. No clients, no engagement with readers (through blog, fan pages, phone calls or email), no product promotion, no posting, no technical learning, no innovation and no implementation of developed skills. It does not only effect the revenue but also skill productivity.

July 21, 2012

Surprise! Releasing Our Business Cards...

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Mohammad's business card

Yup! just a new step. We are releasing today the official business cards of STC NETWORK and declaring blogging as a lifetime profession. STC network now has two employees and successfully operating two blogs under its slogan. The number of co-authors and developers working for us would increase after Ramadan Kareem. We are now managing and working for several blogs and E-commerce websites as part of our premium services and developing both Blogger, PSD, HTML and Wordpress themes. We have added PHP development projects to our list just this year and we would also be offering SMO services very soon. MBT would continue publishing free plugins and tutorials as always and would serve blogosphere with the same zeal.

May 23, 2012

Blogger in Draft Blog Retires but Service Remains

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blogger-in-draft retiredThis is a quick update to let you all know that Blogger team has put an end to Blogger in draft blog which was introduced in 2007 in parallel to Blogger draft service which lets users to try new things before they are released at The blog was used for keeping users up to date with the latest features, widgets and other miscellaneous developments. Updates will now be shared on their official Google Plus page and you can follow latest news by adding them to your circle. This surely is a step to promote Google's giant project which is their social networking tool: Google+. You must keep in mind that Blogger in Draft service is still alive and you can continue playing with unreleased features of Google blogger through your Draft dashboard. Its only the blog that will no more be updated.

Google's Response To Our Post On Dynamic Views

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Google-reply-to-dynamic-viewsLast year in September 2011, Blogger Team launched Dynamic views which offered seven different ways to share your blog with your readers. Few months later in December 2011 we pin pointed some of the flaws linked with these new graphical interfaces. We mentioned 10 reasons to avoid blogger dynamic views. The post highlighted both pros and cons of using these new themes and focused mainly on whether these new layouts are optimized enough and whether or not they can be monetized and customized. As a response Blogger software engineer, Antin Harasymiv, who announced the launch of these interactive new layouts commented on our post and shared some of the recent developments and major changes applied to these new non-traditional templates.

May 4, 2012

Create Your Online Shopping Store In Seconds - Start Selling!

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IzzoNet - Best Online Store SoftwareThough I am having exams but I just could not resist sharing one of the best software tools for developing an ecommerce site. It took me months to learn php, years to practice design skills but despite all these skills, I badly failed in developing an online store where I could sell logos, buttons and icons that I often design during leisure time. After the successful launch of our second blog we look forward to sell our merchandise online by building an online shopping store where people could buy our design resources online with a click of a mouse. I was looking for a highly secured, reliableeasily customized and affordable online store management software tool and fortunately just last week I came across  IzzoNet - E-Commerce Website that has now dramatically over excited me with the new creative idea of selling logos online.

May 2, 2012

Announcement For Willing Guest Authors

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Guest Blogging
Guest posting is one of the surest way of increasing you chances of online success. First of all, guest posting can boost your website traffic. It gives you the opportunity to interact with new people, gain follower ship, and get a backlink out of it! Posting at a blog more popular than your own can bring you immense benefits. A fellow guest author has written about his experience about guest posting at MBT. He, and countless more have benefited from the practice.

Note:   This offer is only for our loyal readers. Link builders stay away!

April 27, 2012

Don't Be Fooled By Fake Google AdSense Certification Programs!

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fake adsense certification program
Wouldn't it be nice if you get a certification for Google AdSense? You'd then be working for Google! Google is considered as one of the best employer in the world to work with. But sadly, this isn't possible as yet, as some of the fake certification programs would have you believe. A lot many programs in various countries have opened up promising you a certification for Google AdSense, in return for an initial setting-up fee. have even seen classifieds in local newspapers in my own country promising similar things. Pleasing as they sound, be ware of such programs though! Do not sign up with any. They are nothing but frauds, merely extravagant ways of picking people's pockets.

Such programs take your money and then completely ignore you, or provide lame excuses for not being able to complete your certification. You want proof? Google themselves say that there is no such Official AdSense Certification program.

April 22, 2012

Note: We Have Moved Our Updates From G+ Profile To Google Plus Fan Page

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MBT on Google+

When it comes to promoting a business, social media simply cannot be ignored. Social media accounts for a great number of purchases for many businesses, and even for websites and blogs, social media plays an important part in bringing traffic. But socializing with people isn't as easy as all that. It requires a lot of time and effort to put together and maintain a presence on Social media. And due to the so many platforms that people are now using, this has become harder. Due to all this, we have been unable to communicate with you through Google+ Fan Page Properly and we used Mohammad's profile to post updates but now we have set up a separate Fan Page on Google Plus to keep you updated with every single post.

April 15, 2012

How To Manage a Blog During Exams? - The Recipe

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blogging during examsExams! One of the most horrible words a student can hear. Exams are especially a big problem for those students who work for a living parallel to studies.  All your work schedule is badly disturbed and interrupted when the call for Semester Examination is made. I will be a victim of all day study for the coming 20-30 days and just like last year the blog will be in guest posting mode. Articles on Social Media and blogging will be served as usual by Gold Star MBT contributors. This time Qasim Zaib the author from our second blog (Smart Earning Methods) will be in charge of this blog.

March 30, 2012

Our aim: Turning Bloggers Into Entrepreneurs

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Guest post by Rahmeen Ahmad Khan. She is MBT"s Gold Star Contributor

Mybloggertricks logoWe are so pleased to display our new logo and present our new tagline "Turning Bloggers into Entrepreneurs" we really mean it. We have been in this field for three long years and we have now decided to experience something big now. Today we will find out how to incorporate the spirit of entrepreneurship in the blogging world. Most of the people are engaged in blogging for two main reasons; to make money or because they are passionate. Very few of them think ahead of it.

Note:- To watch Mohammad's Latest Video Presentation on How To Become Successful Entrepreneurs please click here

March 1, 2012

Dynamic Views Gadgets Officially Released!

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gadgets for blogger dynamic viewsSix extremely beautiful dock style gadgets have been introduced for blogger dynamic views which are a set of templates first launched on  September 20111, with interactive user interface that provides a user with a complete different experience in variety of new ways.  Its built with the latest in web technology (AJAX, HTML5 and CSS3). The widgets display in a different format. Instead of occupying a space at your sidebar, the widgets appear in a dock that slides in and out when a visitor hovers mouse cursor on it. Lets take a tour of dynamic views new added factory tools!



February 25, 2012

Launching Download Page - No More Waiting!

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blogger download zoneMBT resources from blogger templates till social networking icons, read more buttons, navigation buttons, feedback buttons, Facebook custom tabs, fonts, web2 icons and a lot more were restricted to subscribers only, but since due to growing readership serving each download request was becoming difficult therefore in order to provide you all with a more flexible access to all our goodies and blog related buttons and icons, we designed a separate download page where you can download anything you want just with a click of a mouse.

February 19, 2012

Launching Our Second Blog! "Smart Earning Methods"

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smart earning methods logoSurprise! It gives me great pleasure to present to you our first self hosted wordpress blog entitled as "Smart Earning Methods (SEM)". It focuses mainly on how to turn your skills into cash by sharing tons of topics on niches such as affiliate marketing, freelancing, social media marketing, blogging and online earning secrets. This new blog aims at serving mainly students, housewives and those who are scratching their heads to learn ways to make money online. Business in real world has changed its orientation towards Online marketing. The number of internet based companies is spreading widely and internet users have crossed the 2 billion limit. What you can earn online would take you double the effort to earn in real world. Internet needs skilled and hard working people and the only thing that internet still lacks is providing people with correct direction to learn proper ways to make cash online by selling and investing their skills the best they can. MBT was launched to serve newbie webmasters but SEM blog has a much broader Goal to achieve.

January 1, 2012

Happy New Year With Warm Wishes - What We achieved in 2011?

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happy new year 2012

Wishing you all a happy new year and a splendid memorable year ahead. Can't believe how quickly time passes, with every blink of a eye time changes colors. Every new year brings surprises with it and every human has his own reserved portion. I just hope the coming happenings should bring love, serenity, success and joy for all of you. Year 2011 was the toughest year for me keeping in view both my family and career. I lost a gem, but at the same time I grew more responsible and thankful for everything around. I learnt to respect and love my dear ones around. I learnt to give first priority to family, second to career and third to friends because everyone respects an established companion so make sure dear brothers that you are not wasting your precious time and remain busy with your struggle for survival.

November 14, 2011

Pakistan Blog Awards: Its Time To Show Love And Vote For MBT!

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Its Huge!surprised Its really an honor for me to present Mybloggertricks's success to the world of blogging here today. There are great bloggers around the world that have served there lives for blogging and bringing the best content to the loyal visitors.

There is a series of rewards for every field in the world that we wish to work in. May it be video gaming or the world of showbiz. A single Oscar award on any artists portfolio could change his life. So is the case with Pakistan Blog Awards 2011.

The contest was first time held last year in Pakistan (2010) where great hard working minds got exposure of the international market. Pakistani bloggers could register their blogs in the contest. There are total of 33 categories namely:

Widgets + Web Designing


SEO Mashup