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May 4, 2012

Create Your Online Shopping Store In Seconds - Start Selling!

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IzzoNet - Best Online Store SoftwareThough I am having exams but I just could not resist sharing one of the best software tools for developing an ecommerce site. It took me months to learn php, years to practice design skills but despite all these skills, I badly failed in developing an online store where I could sell logos, buttons and icons that I often design during leisure time. After the successful launch of our second blog we look forward to sell our merchandise online by building an online shopping store where people could buy our design resources online with a click of a mouse. I was looking for a highly secured, reliableeasily customized and affordable online store management software tool and fortunately just last week I came across  IzzoNet - E-Commerce Website that has now dramatically over excited me with the new creative idea of selling logos online.

April 21, 2012

Video Marketing Tips For Smart Bloggers - Drive Massive Traffic Plus Income!

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video marketing tipsAre you the one who has got strong visualizations? Do you find visualizing your thoughts more interesting as compared to articulating them? Are you the one who is more into background color, music and other video effects while watching a movie? To wrap up, are you a video freak? If yes, how many times have you thought to turn your freakiness into cash? If you have not given it a thought before; do it now! Because we are going to tell you the right ways that could satisfy your passion and drive you massive traffic and finally massive income through overwhelming ad impressions. All you need is to create videos and upload them smartly!

April 20, 2012

Earn More Money By Using The Brand New Google Affiliate Ads For Blogger

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Google Affiliate Nwtwork
Blogger is one of the most popular publishing platforms available for anyone who wants to voice their thoughts and opinions on the internet. You can also use blogs to earn money online. If you are a Blogger users, then here is a brand new opportunity for you to earn some extra cash right from your Blogger blog! Google has very recently announced another monetization option for Blogger blogs, i.e. the brand new Affiliate Ads!

The Google Affiliate Ads is a new Affiliate Marketing concept by Google, and a positive initiative towards benefiting publishers who are passionate about certain brands or products. Google says, "We believe your recommendation (about products and services) is valuable, and want you to benefit from it". Therefore, here is your chance to try out your hands at this latest Affiliate Marketing tool!

March 2, 2012

Why Your Blog Makes No Money? Part 3

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why blog makes no money?One of the question that almost everyone starts asking after working hard for days and nights by writing tons of articles online. Why should your blog make money? Why should advertisers sponsor it? What have you got in your content that will provide potential return to advertisers? Why should someone buy an ad spot on your blog? Are you receiving good page views? What is handsome traffic in numbers for you? Do you have readership power? How many people actually re-share your content? How active are your daily readers, do they shop online? Which country brings you a lot of traffic? Forget about PageRank, whats your Alexa? A lot of questions that can be asked from people who just stepped into blogging and all these questions have logical answers. I have observed new enthusiastic people rapidly turning their attention to this beautiful art of writing and earning online. Yes without any doubts, blogs do make money and they drive hell lot of traffic but if that is the case then why aren't everyone becoming a millionaire? The secret lies in a sensible traffic formula and understanding search engine optimization strategies, the sooner you know it, the better it gets.

February 20, 2012

Which Photographs Sell Well and Make Serious Money?

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how to sell photographs?In our post on 8 ways to make money online, we discussed that you can even earn money by selling your photographs. Photography is an expensive hobby and now you can make money from it as well. To me it was a new concept and I felt interested in finding out its details. Would you like to read what I have found? To begin we need to know the proper terminologies. Stock photography is the term referring to the photographs or images that can be licensed for specific use. And micro stock photography means you can buy high quality and high resolution images at specified prices.

December 18, 2011

7 Affiliate Marketing Tips Without Which It Means Nonsense

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In our last post, we discussed about internet marketing. And today we will understand affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing can be simply explained as a method of earning where you get a commission by selling and  promoting someone else’ goods or services. But unfortunately, getting a complete control over this method is not that easy. One needs to work really hard if he/she is serious about making a living through it. You need to consider a number of things to decide whether this type will suit your blog or website or not. Also, you can’t start earning from it right away if you are a beginner; later in this post we will see why it is so. Many people prefer Adsense and other advertisement methods to increase their income, because affiliate marketing has some risks if not understood and applied wisely. Without the following fundamental 7 tips you can never expect to make money as Affiliate.
We also published hot discussion based topics on:

December 17, 2011

Do you Know What i-Marketing is?

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what is i-marketingInternet marketing (‘i-Marketing’) is also known as ‘web marketing’ or ‘digital marketing’. It refers to the promotion of goods and services to generate some revenue through internet. Whether the strategy of driving revenue be from E-commerce, Affiliate Marketing, local internet marketing or even the illegal black hat ways. Its all about driving money. You must have heard this term many times, but we thought it important to discuss it here; to give our readers especially the newbie a better idea of it.

November 20, 2011

4 Steps To Create a Profitable Email List That Shines

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Yesterday we looked upon 4 Crucial Reasons To Build An Email List For Blog. Indeed building an email list is a vital part of a blogger's success online. It is one of the major income streams of pro bloggers today. So it would be pretty handy to work out those golden methods that could provide us with a huge email list.

You might be thinking that as time passes on, people tend to get subscribers for email newsletters automatically. Its not the case. Why would they sign up? Its the slowest method (by waiting and hoping people to join your email community) and it would take years to even gather few hundreds of them.

4 Crucial Reasons To Build An Email List For Blog

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email subscribers
We have discussed many ways to make money online here at MBT but never touched email marketing and how crucial it is to build an email list of your own. So lets take up this topic today. Email list is basically your email subscribers that have opted in to get your blog's content via emails they have provided.

Its one of those marketing techniques that have played wonders for popular bloggers online today. Name any, may it be Darren Rowse, or a young entrepreneur Micheal Dunlop, they all use email list as their one of the major sources of income.

Email list is something that you own to a very extent. Its something that you could use till you death to market your blog, increase traffic and earn tons via promoting affiliate links.

November 19, 2011

Why Affiliate Marketing is better than Google Adsense?

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This is a response post by Rafay Baloch to Hassam's post on Why you should never blog on Hacking? 

Affiliate-Marketing Vs Google AdsenseAdSense is a very popular and widely known PPC network. It is how Google makes most of its income. AdSense has proven to be one of the highest paying ad networks, therefore a lot of bloggers and webmasters have been attracted by AdSense over the past few years. However the biggest mistake (in my opinion) most of the bloggers and webmasters commit is when they make AdSense as their main source of revenue, leaving themselves at the mercy of Google.

November 18, 2011

Are Affilitate Ads Better Than Direct Ads?

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making money online
Who doesn't want to make money online? To me, its the easiest job one could get. Blogging from home, in your own set environment, get up late and what not. There are so many ways that we could make our full time living through different levels of monetization on our blogs/websites.

Beginners often get confused while choosing among different money making ventures that are available to us in today's online world.

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