How To Delete/Moderate Comments in Facebook Comments Box?

Moderate Facebook commentsA month ago we share the Facebook comments box plugin for blogger which was an alternative to blogger comments box but most of you had problems in understanding the moderating and deletion process of the comments. For this tutorial to work you must first have a Facebook comments plugin on your blogger blogs then you may try the tutorial today.


How To Moderate and Delete Comments?

  1. First sign in your Facebook account
  2. Now visit your Blog post page
  3. Now you will find a Moderate Link below each comment.
  4. Click the moderate link and you will have three options which are
  • Hide Comments
  • Ban Ban user
  • Boost comment

moderate facebook comments

Choosing the Hide comment option will in short delete or remove the comment and it will not be visible to your readers except the friends of that person.

Note: At present a user can only remove their comment by clicking the cross sign that appears next to their comment.

removing facebook comments

Choosing Ban user will permanently block the user from commenting on any of your posts.

Choosing Boost comment will bring the comment at top so that everyone could read it.


How to organize Comment order?

To arrange the order of comments that is New first and old comments later, we set the chronological order. To do this click the comment count and choose an option as shown below,

arrange comments order

By default comments are organized by social ranking which means that only those user comments' will be displayed at top who has good reputation on Facebook.

If you want the newest comments to be displayed at top and oldest at bottom then choose Reverse Chronological

I just hope this little info helps most of you. I will introduce Facebook comment count very soon. So keep in touch and subscribe now so that you may not miss any update as we update the blog several times per day.

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  3. My pleasure buddies. Comment count is still on its way. :)

  4. i've posted a comment using my page id and not my personal profile id. How to delete it? There is no cross signi've posted a comment using my page id and not my personal profile id. How to delete it? There is no cross sign

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