Follow Larry Page and Sergey Brin on Google+

follow larry and sergeyWhat can be more interesting than following the Google Founders and Pioneers of Globally acclaimed search engine. Internet has brought everyone so closer that whether it may be a common man or a Billionaire, you will find all sharing their daily life with each other. After Twitter, Google+ has become the next biggest social network which is being used by the world’s most renowned CEOs, pioneers, developers and engineers. Larry Page, Sergey Brin can both be find on Google+. Amazingly Mark Zukerberg (CEO of Facebook) is the number one Google+ user with highest fan following with over 429,072 followers. Second comes Larry page with 249,773 followers and third comes Sergey Brin with 170,991 followers.

Follow Google Founders On Google Plus!

To Follow Larry Page Click Here

To Follow Sergey Brin Click Here

To Follow Me :) Click here

I just hope you may enjoy following them on this new social network. There is always something good in following role models. Enjoy tracking them. :>

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