Add Google Plus Profile Button To Blogger Blogs

google-plus-buttonsSince a new social networking fellow has taken birth known as Google+, therefore it is now important that you pay due importance to your Google+ Fan list by adding a profile button on your blogs so that people could easily find you and follow your updates. A fair amount of traffic can be received from Google plus especially using the Sparks feature. To add the official Google+ profile button on your blogs kindly follow the easy steps below.

How To Add Google+ Profile Buttons To Blogger?

  1. Go To Blogger > Design
  2. Select HTML/JavaScript widget
  3. Paste this code inside it,

<a rel="author" href=>
  <img src="" width="32" height="32">

Please replace the bolded text with your Google+ Profile URL. You can copy the URL from your address bar by going to your profile page as shown below,

google profile url

      4.   Save your widget and you are done!

There are four sizes available. The above code uses the standard size if you wish to use a different size then replace the yellow highlighted code above with one of these.

Small Size: 16px



  <img src="" width="16" height="16">

Standard Size: 32px


<img src="" width="32" height="32">

Medium Size: 44px

<img src="" width="44" height="44">

Tall Size: 64px

  <img src="" width="64" height="64">

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  3. hello. thanks for the method to add.
    is there any way by which we can replace the "g+" image with out profile image ?
    would be delighted to know.
    thank you :)

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    you are really doing a great job here.
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  7. Salam brother.. I want to ask a question to you. When i add blogger posts to my google plus profile then there is same description on all posts. Mean, description of blog see below my posts and post description don,t see on it. check below link
    Description of all posts is same. once you told a visitor that it is your template problem. Tell me that how can i solve this problem.